21 Sept 2013

OOTD: Ben's Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. We always make sure the birthday person feels special and spoilt. We often do parties ( I demand a costume party every year!), or at the very least, get seriously on the celebratory turps in the city! Most importantly, I use birthdays as an excuse to get dressed up!

Skirt: H&M Plus Size
Tank: Forever 21+
Unicorn necklace: Modcloth
Bubble necklace: (pretty sure its from) eQuip
Heels: Target
Clutch: DIY'd by me!
Headband: Jay Jays

It's going to be a stinking hot summer this year- we've already had days where its been over 30 degrees Celsius and Spring has only just started! So, in the spirit of summer days, I got a spray tan! I'm sure you have noticed how pasty (/glow in the dark) white my skin normally is- so I've been very much enjoying the golden glow! And by enjoying I mean wearing shorter skirts! It's time for some skin baring! 

I wanted this skirt more than anything I've ever wanted before. Seriously. It was intense shopping lust. It was part of the first collection from the H&M plus size range and it sold out before I could even say 'credit card'. This was a good eighteen months or so back now, so when I saw someone selling this beauty on Facebook, I was all over it!

I couldn't resist adding more colour to the outfit with this funky little Forever 21+ tank and my new flower crown! Why I haven't already jumped on the flower crown bandwagon is beyond me- I'm near well in love with this cute little headband!! The unicorn necklace was a last minute addition- because I thought the outfit felt so magical that I had to wear it too!

And then the fun began! I'm not going to talk you ear off about what we got up to, but we met with some friends for drinks at Hotel Orient- funnily enough now well known for its Mexican food! Drinks turned into tequila shots and tequila shots turned into shenanigans. That and huge nachos. Happy birthday Ben!!! 

Are birthdays still a big deal for you??


  1. Fantastic outfit, love how colourful and festive you look, can definitely tell you're out to celebrate!

    Birthdays aren't a big deal in my family, especially now we're all adults. I dress up and we have a nice meal usually, nothing too big, but I like it that way. :)

  2. Lots fo my family don't like birthdays especially my boyfriend but I always make sure mine is a big deal haha. I absolutely have to have a home made cake and lasagna and wear a pretty new dress on the day. My birthday breakfast is cake and coffee in bed. Love your outfit you are so simply gorgeous and cute!

  3. Such a cute skirt, and a nice colourful outfit :) Hope you had fun celebrating Ben's birthday, it looks like you had a great time :)

    Happy birthday to Ben! :)

    Birthdays are usually a quiet affair in our house - no-one likes to admit they are getting older, ha!

  4. Gosh, you look so so pretty! I love the flower crown and I NEED that unicorn necklace! I hope Ben had a super time!

  5. You look adorable! I love how colorful the whole outfit is. :)

  6. You look adorable, festive, fun and that Smile. . . .could charm a Prince!

  7. I think birthdays are pretty special too - I like celebrating others birthdays more than my own. I can see why you lusted for this skirt, it is just gorgeous.

  8. You look great lady!! Loving this skirt, this outfit and the golden glow suits you. And that look on Ben's face!! CLASSIC. Wish we could have been there. xo

  9. ADORABLE!! This is the best!!
    I wish my boyfriend would do Tequila shots with me :( I should probably count my blessings that he doesn't drink, haha

  10. I have to say, this skirt is fabulous! Actually this whole outfit is fabulous!

    and I as well need a spray tan, sigh for pasty white skin!

    but birthdays, ultra big! I always try and get as many of my friends together as possible, it's not often you get all your faves in one building once real life takes over! But happy birthday to Ben!

  11. You're such a babbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So hot! I love your outfit and the flower crown! super duper cute! :) and the party seems like it was really fun too :)


  12. What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it, especially the skirt, what an amazing color!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  13. This set of outfit photos is amazing! I don't know if it's the lighting or the colors in your outfit or what, but you're glowing! It's all so peachy and feminine; I just love it! Birthdays have always been a huge deal in my family, and I've carried that into adulthood and celebrating mine and my husband's birthdays. We dress up, take mini vacations, go out for several course tasting menus, go on shopping sprees, etc. It's an excuse to have fun, splurge, and make it memorable. :-)

  14. Love everything about this outfit!


  15. Used to have big birthday parties back when i was young but when I hit 20's and got a job I kinda just enjoy small intimate dinner with my family.

    Like how you look so heavenly with the outfit Olivia and it suits you well with that big smile. I love how you paired that skirt with flowers all over you hair so girly girl.


  16. I love this look so much! I would never think to put this together. You looked amazing!

  17. You look adorable, I love all the color, you pull of bright colors so well. What am I saying, you pull off everything. Happy Belated Birthday to the Ben. Those shoes, gimme!



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