5 May 2014

Harlow Australia Winter Collection

You know that totally rad weekend a few weeks back that I spent at Sugers? Well it wasn't all just wine and shenanigans (and there was lots of that), we also got together and played dress-ups! Harlow sent us some of the pieces from their new season collection and it sure made our weekend even more awesome!

I'd been lusting after quite a few of their new pieces and to see them all in person sealed the deal for me. If you haven't heard of this brand yet, (which I'm SURE you have- have a squiz at me wearing them herehere and here! And with such an explosion in amazing Aussie plus-fashion happening, how could you NOT have heard of them?!) check out these photos! They are fresh, rocking and super easy to wear- that's my kind of fashion baby!

Suger wears: Harlow wrap skirt and Electra blouse

So whats that you say? OH! You're commenting on my fabulous pants aren't you!? These killer Moto Pants have been on my wishlist since Harlow day one! The sold out so fast that I thought I'd never be able to make a pair mine. But yes! With Winter's collection came a re-stock of these slim fit, leather panel, ponte beauties! I've literally lost count of how many times I've worn them in the last few weeks. LOVE!!

Suger and Mel are both wearing one of silky feel Electra blouses, the white one and the gorgeous Don't Cross My Path maxi skirt are my next up favourite items in the range. The skirt is going to go with absolutely everything and both items give that instant chic, pulled together look. And how killer does Desiree look in the Wet 'n' Wild Scuba Leggings what an absolute rockstar!

What's your favourite item from the new collection?? 


  1. How fun that you and your girls got to have a little photo shoot sporting these fashions! You all look so rad and fierce! The black, white, and red color scheme is so classic, but these pieces look positively contemporary and fresh. It seems like there's such an explosion of new plus size brands lately that I can hardly keep up. It's awesome to have so many options, and fashion-forward ones at that!

    <3 Liz

  2. You all look amazing and do stylish!! Sometimes I wish I lived down under!


    Mary ;)*

  3. You all look fabulous,thanks for the share :-)

  4. girl! you are rocking that sheer top! Loveeeee your outfit, all of you ladies look just stunning! :)


  5. Stunning ... Beautiful clothes and beautiful girls perfection .. What hotties 😉

  6. Ooh, the Don't Cross My Path maxi is glorious! x x

  7. Harlow is GORGEOUS but it really bugs me that yet another brand cuts out size 26. GAH!

  8. Oh my what a bunch of beauties. I love your outfit. That is one sexy outfit. And your smile just makes me happy. :)


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