16 Sept 2011

Favourite Fashions: Bubble Hem

Favourite Fashions: Bubble Hem

(L-R top to bottom) Ruby Rox,  Domino Dollhouse, Torrid, Torrid, City Chic, Evans, Torrid, Crossroads, Ruby Rox

I adore the bubble hem cut. I love the way they sit on me, I love the way my boobs look in the dresses and most of all I love the way I feel in them! I feel cute and girly and ready for anything! I think because I feel so fantastic in them, I always have a good night out- feel fabulous, look fabulous!

Torrid have an amazing bubble hem dress collection at the moment (check them out here) and I just snapped up this super cute black and green belted one. Can't wait to wear it!! :)

I think my favourite bubble hem designer would have to be Ruby Rox. Check out these rocking dresses from their collection:

Also check out these fabulous made to order bubble dresses. This rad green dress and super cute purple dress both get custom made up to an Aussie size 28 and with the purple one you can choose from 81 different colours!!

To me the bubble hem is ultra feminine.  It skims over my belly, accentuates my waist and gives a really lovely hourglass silhouette which leaves me feeling like hot stuff! I must admit I have one too many bubble hems but they are definitely a style I will be wearing lots of as the weather over here warms up. :)


  1. I love the pink dotty skirt!!

    Come and enter my giveaway :)


  2. I had a bubble hem bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding....well, actually it was more like a tulip skirt and Im afraid it was HIDEOUSLY unflattering on my body type. I looked like one big pink satin bubble hahaha. At the bargain price of $500 (and this was 12 years ago) it was definitely the most expensive ugly dress Ive ever bought :)

  3. Love the green dress !!

    I have nominated you for a blog award :)
    Check out my blog for more details ! http://launainponderland.blogspot.com/2011/09/blog-award.html

  4. cute i love the skirts you picked out! :)


  5. I have that pink one shoulder Ruby Rox dress! I agree the bubble hems are stylish and make the ladies look great!

  6. Cute, cute, cute.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I've never really got into the bubble hem, but if you love something, go for it! Those custom made dresses look amazing! That green is one of my face shades! Good choices, girl!


  8. Thankyou so much lovely ladies!

    @Eloise OMG that is awful!! I can totally picture it! And super expensive!!! Is it still lying around??? ;)

    @Jo I have to have an outfit post of you in it stat Jo!!! It is totally rad!! :)

    @Caitlin Oh Cait you would rock a bubble hem!!! I'd love love love to see you in one!! :)

  9. I adore the bubble hem cut too, I have some dress with it. You looks great.

  10. The bubble hem is definitely cute, I just feel silly wearing it! It would look adorable on you, though!! <3

  11. I think thse dresses are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttteeeeeeeeee!

  12. Great dresses! I love the purple one at the bottom it's stunning xx

  13. Thanks ladies! I have waaayyy too many bubble hems! ;)

  14. I think you should post some more of these delightful bubble hems you own :)


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