24 Sept 2011

Scrunch or fold- that is the question


At the Hello Blogger Events blogger meet up last weekend, we talked very seriously about the subject of toilet paper folding or scrunching.  I truly don't understand how people have time to fold, or how it could ever be as effective as a full hand scrunch!  I found that on discussion of this with my girlfriends, people have some very strong views as to which side they are on!

Lisa from Renovating Italy said that her Nanna, Ivy, used to always use 9 sheets of toilet paper; and that this was the only way to wipe. This got my thinking, especially as we have just had to get the plumbers in to unblock our toilet. Their diagnosis of our plumbing issues: I use too much toilet paper! So here is the test, I pulled the roll down to where I normally pull too- and I use 5 sheets per wipe. Sounds pretty tame to me considering Ivy's dedication to the 9 sheet processes!

I did try the 9 sheets and definitely thought that if adopted this for furture, I would be super clean but go through lots more toilet rolls (and probably have the plumber in again soon too!)! Although are there more wipes to my 5 sheet technique??? The questions are endless!! ;)

Regardless of the sheets, the true question is- are you a scruncher or folder. Check out these two comparison pictures taken with same amount of sheets:

Same amount of paper used for the scrunch and the fold picture.

Pretty sure the job is done better with an epic scrunch. I am scrunch forever! Look at the haphazard creases prepared for anything and the wide surface area for better coverage- clearly it's the far superior option.

So what is your verdict and why do you do it that way? Are you a sophisticated folder or a pragmatic scruncher (clearly I'm scrunch biased!)??


  1. Folder :)
    Can't remember ever thinking about it i just always fold :)

  2. this post. is frickin. hilarious.

  3. i think i kinda scrunch and fold, to be honest. it's like i fold it up first then scrunch it up. haha.


  4. I keep forgetting about the 9 sheets! Augh, you'd think a pregnant lady that pees a million times a day would have tried it by no hey?

  5. lol is an understatement. You look like Stimpy form Rin and Stimpy in your postures and poses. I love the choice of white delicate calico for this uber gritty postage.
    Hey, I'm following you. I hope you are following. Please follow my blog because you are too cool.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    pink and blue

    my twitter

  6. hey very funny, Nana would be mortified to think her toilet habits had made it onto the internet!!! Never counted the sheets before so will let you know if it's a hereditary thing.....ciao Lisa

  7. I love this post and your blog.

    That is why I decided to award you with Tell Me More About Yourself Award.

    Check out my blog for more information.

    Thanks :D

  8. I'm a scruncher from way back....and I like to think I'm raising the next generation of scrunchers....now if only I could get them to FLUSH!

  9. hahaha, Love this post. Now it got me to think!


  10. Hilarious!!! Im more of a wrap the tissue around the hand a hundred times type of girl but if I had to choose, it would be to scrunch!

  11. Hehehhe such a cute post!!!! I enjoyed reading it lol, really interesting topic and I never thought about it until u mentioned it! I'm definitely a folder for some reason, hehehe


  12. I am seriously cracking up! I am not one to shy away from toilet talk! lol I ask my daughter questions like...did you poop today? What color was it? Did it sink or float? Did you wipe until it was nothing left on the paper? bwahhhhhhhhhhhhh I am most def a folder. It has to be perfect. My folds are wider than the folds you are displaying. lol I probably use 12 sheets per wipe and then I use baby wipes to clean and TP again to dry. Oh wait...T.M.I.!!! Girl I'm serious with it..I mean anal for sure! Pun intended!! lol Kiah

  13. Great post hun, very funny! Love your top!

  14. Baaaahaha. LOVE THIS. You, are so funny. Great pics especially. Well demonstrated. ;)

  15. This is great! Not sure I can trust a folder. It's just too pedantic:)

  16. Lolz!! This is such a weird post Olivia!! Haha!

    But I'm definitely a folder- I can't even imagine how scrunching is effective!! :-P

  17. You know I'm folder all the way baby!

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