2 Sept 2011

The start of a new adventure!

OMG, this is really happening! So all of a sudden the time to move out has come! I know I've been talking about it for a while but I still feel like this weekend has snuck up on me! We have been frantically packing these last few weeks and are almost done! It's sad seeing my life in boxes knowing that I won't see most of it for the next 6 months. We have been tough and culled lots; only my favourite things are heading to storage. Which more or less means I'm probably only just going to get everything to fit in our storage box!

(Yes there are some pink Crocs there, I was going through a phase please don't judge me ;)

Here is about half of my wardrobe packed up for storage. Sad face. I almost think if I'm storing it, do I really need it? But then I think about all the fabulous items and I can't bare to part with alot of them. I've already got a huge stash for Ebay and have culled about 2 of these bags for the op-shops. Phew!!! The coolest thing about packing up though, is that I've found some old favourite pieces which I haven't worn in years! Check these two out: 

I remember when I bought this aqua dress I thought it was the raddest thing I had ever seen, it's almost bordering on boudoir wear! This cute little grey number is such an old City Chic piece it still has the brand 'Big City Chic' on it! Well this will be the last OOTD post done in this house; I'm sad about leaving, but am super excited about what the future will bring! (I'm currently raising my wine glass to you all) Cheers to the beginning of new adventures!


  1. I'm offering my services as a plus size op shop. Email me and I'll pay for shipping if stuff will fit me! I'm being serious!


  2. Cheers indeed, sweetie! I still own a pair of crocs! Those things are ridiculous comfortable.

  3. ooohhh! I love your storage boxes of accessory goodies! **jealous** and you're right, finding lost treasure is the ONLY fun thing about moving! Love those pieces!

  4. Hey! love your blog! So following you back! Congrats on your move! you're way too cute!! you'll love it!


  5. WOW! Girl you have a lot of stuff! I purge every season. I keep things like hats, scarves and gloves but most clothing I start over fresh each season unless it is a super classic timeless piece. I just went through my closet and if I hadn't worn it in over a year...it got tossed! Lately, I've been trying to shop smarter and only purchase said items. Good Luck with your move! Kiah

  6. Nice stuff. You have a lot of costume jewelery.

  7. hello gorgeous! Thanks for your nice comment, you've got a nice blog too, I'm following gladly! curve power! hehe

  8. This dress is so gorgeous on you! And I love the bodoir vibe - what can be more feminine and chic?))


  9. Ouch! I know the feeling.... As you said the good thing is that you find things. I always find interesting stuff when I move.
    The dresses are so cute. The 1st one is so beautiful. I love how it looks on you, i get jealous of people who can wear that color on me it looks really bad, but my mom has lighter skin than mine and she looks great in that shade, just like you do.


  10. I know the feeling...I dread moving, especially when you have a lot to pack/move. And unpacking...don't get me started. Congrats! Cute dresses!



  11. I know what you mean, we had to move in July. It was awful! So much stuff, it was unbelievable how much stuff we had managed to pack into our little flat

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  12. Wow, congratulations! Cute blog!

    xx Dagmara

  13. loving that aqua dress. you look gorgeous in it!


  14. it is so true, it is strange to see al of your belongings in boxes!!! but moving is exciting too! so have a wonderful moving time

  15. thankyou ladies! I really do need to do a yearly purge, we are still cleaning up the house mess now! phew!!!

  16. I love how you side note the pink crocs.. I love it.. Good Luck with the move.. I don't enjoy packing and moving but, i do enjoy taking time packing my clothes and thinking about all the great outfits and all the good times i had in them.. and finding the ones that fell to the back of my closet!!! Awww.. but, i am in the process of going through all my stuff and shedding some stuff to fit more in!


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