22 Aug 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Statement necklace

Statement necklaces are totally my thing. Adding something bold and eyecatching to an outfit is actually my favourite part of putting it all together. I figure a rad necklace is like the cherry on top of an ice-cream sunday!

Top: Hope and Harvest (borrowed from Suger)
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Wedges: Target
Clutch: Kmart

Suger lent me this Hope and Harvest smokin' top when she was down visiting (and took a few of my pretties home as well!). I really love the dramatic cut of the peplum, it sure does draw some attention! The arms are a little tight, but I'm really digging the long sleeves- too many plus size tops that have long sleeves sacrifice style. I find lots of them lose the sexy style cut when they add some sleeves! And of course being an Aussie brand makes this top even more awesome. 

And obviously the necklace is a show stopper! If you're looking for a statement (and conversation starting) piece, Real Divas are Large smashes everyone out of the water! I literally want every piece on their website. I have quite a collection now and find them so easy to accessorize with. They bring an instant punch to any outfit! 

And check out my FF babes in their necklaces too!
Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. Such a lovely outfit! I like the peplum top with the pencil skirt, and the statement necklace is beautiful :)

  2. Love, love it. Gorgeous on you lady!! And how the heck did I miss this skirt at ASOS? It's gorgeous.

  3. That is such an awesome necklace!

  4. the necklace is fab and you have styled it perfectly x

  5. Oh my gosh, your outfit is the best!! I'm not into peplum but there is something really classy about your white/long sleeved top. Love it! And of course I'm dying over your necklace. Gorgeous!!

  6. First of all, that peplum top is adorable. The statement necklace here is quite powerful- about as powerful as your smile. The whole outfit really is a charming one. Great stuff, Olivia!


  7. It is great to have friends to swap with and you look GREAT in this outfit.

  8. Love the whole outfit. The necklace is so pretty!


  9. Awesome necklace. The whole outfit is gorgeous. Looking fab as always hun. ♡ xoxo

  10. Such a great outfit, I love how the peplum top has sleeves too because it makes it more chic in a way. The necklace is really a showstopper and gives your whole outfit an added edge! You always have the coolest accessories! :)


  11. tres jolie tenue,j aime bcp !

  12. Awesome monochrome outfit... that peplum top and the necklace are really stealing the show :)

  13. I love the drama of the peplum! I think it just adds such a great punch to the look, in addition to that stellar necklace!


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