2 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Monochrome

I've tried really hard to pull my wardrobe out of a black and white slump. Before plus-size fashion truly came into its own over the last few years, it was too easy to just buy black and white (or mostly black with white detailing) clothes- mainly because that was all that was available. Well, black or giant over-sized floral muumuus, which frankly, don't look fabulous on anyone regardless of size! So, when wearing black and white now, I love making it look classic and chic instead of like a forced option.

Skirt: City Chic
Lace peplum: Dorothy Perkins
Flats: Rubi
Body Chain: Real Divas Are Large

Real Divas Are Large have the best accessories. Without a doubt. They had an awesome 50% off store wide sale this week, so I've just snapped up a few more rad body chains similar to this one. Whenever I'm looking to add a proper punch to an outfit, I always put on one of these necklaces, they are so uber eye catching!

This Dorthy Perkins peplum top is fab! I love the little lace detailing over the shoulders. How totally awesome are body con skirts?! And peplum. Siiiggghhh. I have to stop myself from over spamming your blog feeds with peplum and body-con outfits.

And as always, please check out all the FF babes in their monochrome this week!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. I can relate to always wearing black clothing, but I love how there are a lot of clothing options in different colors now. But yeah i love your outfit and omg that chain necklace is gorgeous! I've seen a lot of places selling similar items but whenever i tried them on they never fit me. I think I might have to check out where you got yours. The necklace totally gives your outfit an extra zing! hehe :)


  2. Oooo I've never seen real divas are large site before, do they deliver to Aus? Or do you get it via a shipping company?

  3. total classic gorgeous-ness. Really loving the monochrome, especially how it looks both classic and edgy at the same time. No stereotypical fat in black in sight!!

  4. Looking good! I need to get on this peplum bandwagon! :) x x

  5. I love black and white so much! And that body chain, super fantastic!

  6. Love that black and white skirt on you! It is incredibly chic with the peplum top :)

  7. Gorgeous! Love the cut of the clothes you chose, as you say very classic. I think that body chain is fantastic! :)

  8. Love this outfit! Very chic and classic, you achieved your goals here :) The body chain is really cool, too.

  9. I think that is the first time I have not seen you smile, kind of scared me a littl. ;)D

    a.k.a. @biggirlblue

  10. LOVE this outfit. Right up my ally. Woot woo.


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