16 May 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Wedge Sandals (& my birthday!)

I'm a bit late with today's post, not only because I've been working like a crazy lady to get more dosh for NYC, but also because it's my birthday! I've been out and about all day today- in one fabulous party dress! I've swapped my shoes and accessories but kept the base dress the same. I love having a special outfit to wear on my birthday, whenever I look at it from now on, I will always remember some of the fun times I've had wearing it! 

Sooooooo, the actual theme for this weeks FF is wedge sandals! I'm sure you are all sick of me raving about wedges, I way prefer them over heels and I love the added height. I wore these flashy green sandals out to lunch with my besties today- to where else but Max Brenner!!! 

(bare feet in the carpark Liv- CLASSSYYY!!! Its because I couldn't get the self timer to work I swear!!! I kept having to run backwards and forwards to the camera!!)

Dress: Simply Be
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Tights: Kmart
Wedges: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Markets

As it turns out, Emma and I were wearing the same hot pink blazer!!! This is one of the reasons I love her so much, not only is she totally rocking and crazy fun, she also has super cute style (lol ;)!! She knows I am going to put her in a pink, poofy bridesmaid dress for the wedding and she still wants to hang out with me- now THAT is true friend dedication!

Ben, my little brother, big sister and Ben's parents all went in together and bought me a new DSLR for my birthday present! I opened it this morning and I'm not sure I've put it down since. The first photo I took nearly knocked my socks off. I was home alone playing around with it and litterally yelled into the emptyness 'NO WAY!??! IT TAKES PICTURES BETTER THAN I CAN SEE?!?!'. I had a few problems playing with the auto-timer today (ahem, excuse the shoeless picture while I ran to get into the group photo!), but I have already had heaps of fun learning with it today. So, now I'm going to spam you with a few piccys from dinner in town tonight  Ben bought us tickets to a three course meal with matching wines in the city!! OMNOMNOMNOMOM!!

This weekend we are having a disco themed birthday party at our house! And let me tell you, there better not be a single wedge or heel in sight- I want flats for partying allllll night long!!!!! Stay tuned for proper birthday updates!!!

Check out my hot footed, wedged sandaled FF ladies too!!!

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  1. Cute sandals! I really love the dress, too, and that blazer is fantastic. You look gorgeous!

  2. Happy birthday! :) You look fabulous. I love that floral dress! And Max Brenner is awesome--definitely a good choice for birthday dinner. I went to one here in Boston a few months ago, and it was amazing!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, it looks like you had a great time. That dress is super cute, I love the color of it and I like how you styled it both ways! :)


  4. Happy birthday gorgeous lady! x x

  5. Happy birthday! You look gorgeous as always!

  6. YAAAAAAY!! HB lady. And there will be wedges, platforms probably. But THAT won't stop me partying all night long, promise!

  7. Love that dress on you! Hope you had a yummy birthday lunch.

    So funny that you and your friend both wore the same blazer too!

    Enjoy your birthday weekend and party :)

  8. happy happy birthday girl!!
    We'll drink on our birthdays in NYC :-)

  9. Happy (slightly belated) birthday! You look fantastic in that dress, and it's so cute with both blazers. :)

  10. Wooo! HAPPY(belated) BIRTHDAY! I LOVE that dress, so pretty!


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