13 Dec 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Studded Bag

Studded bags seem to be everywhere at the moment! I've been lusting after so many of them and when I went to do this challenge- it turns out I don't own one! I do however have a pretty funky spiked necklace, so I whipped that up into a cute clutch!

Skirt: eShakti
Necklace on the bag: some random boutique store in The Valley

I think you all know by now how much I love eShakti. This skirt is one of those purchases that I know is a long term investment, its so easy to wear and goes with so much. It also has a really gorgeous vintage shape and is super light and Summery. 

I think the handbag ended up looking really cute! The mix of lace, chain and spiked rocked! Seriously though, these studded bags are everywhere! Here are a few I've been drooling over lately.

I'm totally loving all the ring clutches. Even better- I can actually get my chubby fingers through them! ;)

How cute is this Dorothy Perkins Peter-Pan collar telephone top. They have some mega cute printed tops on their website- I caved and bought this one in one of their awesome sales!


Check out all the Fatshion Faceoff babes with their studded bags too!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion

Have you picked up a studded bag this season?? 


  1. Great outfit! That top is adorable!

  2. Love your black and white outfit, that printed top is so cute :)

    Your DIY studded bag is awesome :) If I had known you needed a studded bag for a post you would have been welcome to borrow one of mine, I have a few and I'm happy to share! :)

  3. Your studded bag is so clever and cute! And then I liked your blouse before I really saw the print, but from that photo on, I was officially in love.

  4. My goodness, Olivia... you're cute! I know this post is about the studded handbag, but your outfit is very lovely. Love the skirt and the flats. This top is cute with the hearts and the telephone. Awesome stuff!


  5. Oooh clever, the diy studded bag looks great. That top is adorable, the sales have been creeping up on me and I've had to pick up a thing or two.

    Beautiful skirt. Really looks like a great, classic piece.


  6. i love your bag so much i wan't to adopt it ;=)

  7. I love your top so much I genuinely want to steal it!

  8. You look seriously amazing! I'm in love with the entire outfit. The top is adorable and has been on my wish list for a while, and I can't get over how gorgeous the skirt is. Fabulous as ever :)

  9. This is such a great look, I love this skirt. I've been dying to pick up something from eshakti and have yet to do so. I love that little spiked bag as well, I'm a sucker for anything spiked/studded/etc.


  10. Cute outfit - love the DIY necklace/bag! xx


    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

  11. Ridiculously cute outfit! Love that top beyond words and it looks amazing with this skirt and the bag, of course.

  12. I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING studded so this little bag is right up my street. You look incredibly cute and classy!


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