26 Dec 2012

Aussie Curves: Shorts

I've only just re-discovered my love of shorts. It's been years since I wore them and then in the last few months I've bought three pairs! They have been perfect for relaxed casual wear in our Aussie Summer, but I also love dressing them up for as a cute alternative to normal cocktail wear.

Shorts: ASOS Curve
Top: Autograph
Stockings: We Love Colors

Apart from being ultra cute, these shorts have my two favourite things- polka dots and pockets! The cut is also structured enough that I don't feel to under dressed wearing them out.

By adding the stockings I feel less worried about a little upper thigh or bum check slip, and they add a bit more warmth for breezy nights. Plus I just really love these stockings find I often build my outfits around them!
Do you wear shorts?
What are your favourite types??


  1. Pockets and polka-dots are a few of my favourite things, and now I think I have an unhealthy love for those shorts! Haha.
    I love how you styled this, though. It's such a breezy, sweet look, even with all the black. :)

  2. Such cute shorts - I love the way you have styled them. I have to admit I'm not doing the challenge this week as shorts terrify me:P

  3. You look so cute! Love the polka dot shorts :)

    Hope you had a very happy Christmas :)


  4. Ohh, very snazzy! Polka dots and pockets are always an added bonus!

  5. I adore you honey, those shorts are perfect!

  6. You look so great! I love the shorts and tights look,just haven't got around to trying it myself yet :) But it works so well for a night out!

  7. Love those shorts! Obviously polka dots are one of my favourite things, too! I tend to feel self conscious in shorts and won't wear them in public because I'm self-conscious about my legs, but I own a couple of pairs.

  8. Love the polka dots and your necklace. Very cute look!

  9. You always look so happy! Love the outfit x

  10. Oooo great outfit! I agree, sometimes I wonder about wearing shorts out. I might have to give this a go. Looking gorgeous lovely.


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