11 Dec 2012

Aussie Curves: Mixing Patterns

I really do love to mix patterns. I had this colourful and bright outfit planned for this weeks challenge but I ended up with this more everyday pattern-clashing look instead!

Top: Lily and Lou
Jeans: Torrid
Jacket: Crossroads
Necklace: TS14+
Watch: eQuip
Flats: Crocs
Clutch: Vintage Glomesh

I wore this outfit to a work conference all day today. Its nice to be out of uniform and in something more comfy. But even when we get to wear free clothes like this, I need to make sure I still look professional(ish). That's where my super-jeans come in. I seriously can't get enough of these Torrid Stiletto jeans, they are INSANELY comfortable and such an awesome fit!

These wicked flats are actually made by Crocs. Its no secret I have a soft spot for those ugly, ugly sandals- they are the only thing I can last a full twelve hour shift in. Soooooo, when I found out they had cuter (but still comfy and squishy) versions, I grabbed some!

I snapped up this TS14+ necklace in one of their fab BOGO50%OFF accessory sales and its been so easy to quickly throw into an outfit. The clashing stripes and spots give the look so much more punch. Meanwhile keeping the colours relatively tame, I could add some pattern-mixing fun and still keep the outfit-workplace safe.

And of course- how mad is this watch!!!! Not even 5 minutes into these photos though- the band broke! Bummer!

How do you pattern mix?
Do you have a work uniform?? 


  1. Those jeans look amaze on you Olivia! xo

  2. Great outfit! I would totally wear that to work. I love the mustache watch, shame the band broke - is it fixable?

  3. Always gorg!

    I added myself to the linky list..hope it worked

    K xo

  4. Cutie. Those jeans seriously do look comfy and I'm kind of amazed at cute the crocs are.....seriously for real crocs?

  5. The jeans are so nice! This entire outfit is so chic and you work it so well! Love the polka dot top with the little jacket. sad about your watch that was cool! Those crocs are awesome. I tried getting some style ones like that but they don't do them in my size :( your gorgeous!

  6. Those jeans are SO on my list. I say that all the time but I really need to bank some money before I buy more clothes. Haha. Love this whole outfit. Even the crocs. There. I said it. EVEN the crocs. ;)

  7. Great outfit! The jeans look like the perfect fit (how on earth did you manage that? I'm jealous!), and I'm loving the polka dots and necklace xx

  8. I love those jeans... they look super comfy. Great clutch too!

  9. So sad the watch broke, it looks awesome! :) really nice outfit for a work conference :)

  10. 'Mazing outfit and love the Crocs, so cute! xx

  11. The whole outfit just looks amazing! Love it! :)

  12. Sigh I think I need those jeans. My poor bank account.

  13. Te sigo guapa. Tienes un estilo increible.

    Besos guapa.



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