12 Feb 2013

Aussie Curves: Nature

Nature..... hmmmmmm. Would I say I'm a naturey person? Probably not.  Well I like the beach. And I like the forest. And I love the wild view from my balcony. So maybe I am??? Anyway, I interpreted this theme as flowers and brights, because they make me happy! Like the beach! ;)

Top: Lily and Lou via Best and Less
Skirt: Dream Diva
Body necklace: Diva
Shoes: swapped

Melissa and Kel popped around for lunch last weekend and Suger was kind enough to take these piccys for me! We also spent quite a bit if time playing in my room-robe with Suger helping me plan my outfit! I love dressing up and playing with clothes. Even better with equally as stylish and fabulous plus-size bloggy friends! 

I adore the colours on this Dream Diva skirt. Its a purple, pink and turquoise explosion!! I don't give it as much love as it deserves, I really must find more tops to go with it. This Lily and Lou tank was actually not what I had initially intended to pair with it, but it went perfectly! Plus I think I need to be injecting some more colour into my outfits!

I'm totally obsessed with body chains at the moment, This beauty I picked up for $6 in the Diva sales! Bargain!! I've been wearing it with everything! They take statement necklace to a whole new level, its subtle- but everywhere!!! 

How would you wear this skirt???


  1. If I had a blog yearbook you would definitely win for best smile, you are so cute. I'm such a bore, I usually pair bright pieces with dark tops (all black) or occasionally a white top. I love the body chain, I use to wear a belly necklace when I was younger and thinner, I miss that thing. I love the naturey pictures, I really like walking about the trees and smelling the fresh air, even though I don't spend nearly enough time outside.


  2. But you look so beautiful in nature!! Chains = fantastic!

  3. I love the colors in that skirt! So much fun and colorful like you are!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  4. I LOVE the body chain! I really ought to make/find one. And the blouse is amazing, as is the skirt. This is just such a happy look!

  5. Beautiful outfit lady! You're so welcome, thanks for ALL the wine. :D

  6. You look fabulous as always - I love the peaking through the tree picture!

  7. Guh that skirt is amazing! Loving this outfit so much!

  8. reoooooow looking fabulous, loving the sexy leaf photo haha you make me giggle even through photos :-)

  9. As always, you look freaking adorable! such a megawatt smile!

  10. That skirt is beautiful on you! Love the colour and the print :) So many colours would go with this - there's always the safe black and white if you're unsure :)

  11. Amazeballs. Beaut colours and no wonder you are wearing that chain everywhere - it's all kinds of awesome. You always look great, love your posts.


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