2 Jun 2013

Beautiful You Day Spa: Blogger day and giveaway!

The day after my birthday celebrations, I was lucky enough to join some of my favourite QLD bloggers for a day of true indulgence at Beautiful You Hair and Beauty Day Spa in Margate, hosted by the Blog Power Events team and Toni, the spa owner.

To say that we were utterly spoilt would be an understatement. After slipping into my gorgeous fluffy robe, I was handed a flute of bubbly the minute I walked out of the change-room- I knew we were in for a wonderful day! And by the time we left, I had been massaged, buffed, pedicured, washed, wined, dined and blow dried (lol, see what I did there! ;). I have never had a massage as wonderful as the Pure Fiji massage I had from Simone that day, my sore nursing back was extremely thankfull!

Sheri and Kim-Marie enjoying some bubbly while in the pedicure massage chairs!

Dani's hair looked amazing after the Redken ladies were through!

I could definitely get used to this life of luxury! ;)

Dani is in her robe while Lisa and Rachel (our hosts) stayed modestly clothed! They did such a great job making sure we were all comfy and relaxed all day. I had to forcibly stop them from filling up my champagne glass!! ;)

I love this piccy of Rosana, Suger and I! We were very relaxed and loved up by this stage!

It was so wonderful meeting Jos! We have been chatting over social media for years and she is just as funny and as lovely in real life too! She could also just  be extra happy right now because these hand treatments were HEAVEN!!!

In between treatments there was time for nibbles, socialising, Instagraming and of course- some lounging! I love this shot of Stacey relaxing with her bubbly on the couch!

I'd never had a facial peel before and was quite nervous at the idea. I don't know why I was worried, the whole experience was truly blissful and my skin has never looked this good before! The Image Signature Peel Facelift, was my second favourite part of the morning- after that amazing massage! I'm hoping to book in a few prior to the wedding so I can have that perfect baby soft skin for the big day!

And an even better part of the day...... Toni has very kindly given us one of the amazing Image Signature Peel Facelifts to giveaway to you ladies!! So, in order to go into the chance to win, all you have to do is:

Tell me why you would love to have an Image Signature Peel Facelift?? 

Winner drawn Saturday 15th of June! 


  1. Oh I would love the Peel Facelift because if I can do anything to this hopeless face of mine, a facelift would be it... even if it isn't the surgery kind, haha! I have been very fatigued lately so my face currently gets washed every day or two (depending on if I wore makeup) and possibly scrubbed on the weekend but that's about it. It is in bad shape and I keep having horrible hormonal breakouts of late so this would be a big help.

  2. I'm not entering, but from the photos above I sure need this facial!! Beautiful post lovely, happy to fill your champagne flute any day :)

  3. Being a single mum of two teen girls, I don't get a lot of time to enjoy the pampering I sure could do with. I would never go under the knife to peel away some of the years and reveal a freshness, beauty is a bottle is definately my thing. Would just love a lift. It sure looks as though you had a wonderful day, and your face looks amazing :)

  4. Looks like such a fun day! Not entering the competition, but good luck to the entrants! :)

  5. Love your shirt! Looks fab on you and the print is so cute!



  6. Wow!nice, it really feels so relaxing after having a spa. Everything will turn out right after that activity. A massage would also be a great help.

    Remedial Massage

  7. I'd love to have signature peel facelift to make me feel like I've had a mini holiday :)

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed your day out. What a great way to recover after the party! I look forward to hanging out more. Rachel xx (not entering)

  9. Wow one of those facials looks like it would do wonders for my poor skin at the moment. Been through a lot of hormonal changes the last few months and it's looking a bit worse for wear. It might just give me the boost I need to get back into my normal routine. :-)

  10. I would love to win an Image Signature Peel Facelift! I recently renewed my license and almost cried when I saw how much I have aged in the past 3 years (and there's nothing like an ever-flattering ID photo to crumble your self esteem). Thanks for the opportunity to enter, and also for the sneak peek inside Beautiful You - what a lovely spa!

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