8 Aug 2011

OOTD: Movie date :)

Ben and I finally saw Harry Potter 7 part two last night!!! Yayyyy!!!! For anyone who was there, I was the blubbery one in the front - who cried for the entire movie ;)

Totally loving my new leather jacket. I think it makes me look tough :)

 Tunic: City Chic, Jacket: City Chic, Tights: Big W


  1. that jacket makes you look fashionably bad-ass! i love it!

  2. What a cute date night ensemble...and I agree with The Duchess....that jacket is bad-ass! You look cute cute cute!!!


  3. i LOVE your jacket !!
    it looks amazing on you :)
    i have always wanted a good fitting leather jacket but still searching :(


  4. you look amazing! thanks alot for the sweet comment and the follow. am following you now too :) love your style!


  5. I really love reading your blog because you are always smiling!
    When your new posts pop up on my google thingy I always want to read them, you have a beautiful smile aswell!
    Just thought I'd let you know...

  6. Awww that's so cute you cried. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Except you just told the whole world hahah. Love your bursts of colour and humour.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    onto animated musings

  7. that is an awesome jacket. I am on the lookout for one as well and on the weekend I was in Target and saw they had 50% off all their jackets and out of the corner of my eye I happened to spy this cute little short waisted black leather jacket sitting all on its own infront of some horrible other jackets and it was on a size 16 hanger so I raced over there pushing small children out of my way in my haste only to discover some inconsiderate dolt had put a size 10 jacket on a size 16 hanger. I was devastated.

  8. Great look! Awesome jacket! You look stunning!

  9. Super cute jacket girl! Loves it! I love the pretty meets tough look! Will you believe that I have never seen a HP movie!!! I really can't get into fantasy movies (non realistic) Kiah

  10. First and most importantly: I finally saw HP as well! I loved it, but it was so sad to have the final movie come out. Obviously, the books are were it's at, but at least the movies gave me something HP-related to look forward to after the series ended.
    And, what a lovely vibrant tunic! The colors are great!

  11. I like the colors in that tunic. So vibrant!



  12. Loving the jacket. I saw HP7 recently too and I thought it was amazing.



  13. I agree with Dumpy Duchess, u look fashionably badass, I'm on the lookout for one too, altho we're heading into summer here I think it'll be a great addition on those cool summer nights.

    Thanks for all the love u show me on my blog. Love ure Blog too.

  14. I really like how you mixed the flowery tunic with a tough leather jacket x) You look great in it!n_n

    Yes, Harry Potter is now done, I pulled myself together during the last movie =) it was not really the movie itself (to me, some emotion was missing) but more the thought of this era being over now…*sigh* so, I know what you went through ;)



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  15. lovely blog :)
    Please check out my blog! BTW: I always follow back If you ask me to :)


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