17 Aug 2011

Rocking my fedora

I totally fell in love with this cream fedora while window shopping the other day, and snapped it up for a bargain $11.95!

 Fedora: Best and Less, Shirt: City Chic

Interestingly enough, I thought this hat would be awesome for Spring shenanigans and Shay from A Thick Girl's Closet, had just added a really similar one to her Autumn wishlist on the other side of the world! Goes to show a truly classic piece like this cream and brown trilby, rocks no matter what time of year it is! :)


  1. I love hats sooooo much right now and that is such a classic example.

    You look gorgeous! :)


  2. love the fedora, very cute!!
    thnx so much 4 leaving me a comment :)

  3. your fedore is so adorable,great purchase dear :D

  4. I love your fedora I wish I was this cute in hats!

  5. oh you are just tooooooo cute! I love the fedora. I wish I was a hat person. Unfortunately for me I am neither a hat nor a sunglass person. I just look ridiculous in either. Add gym clothes to that list also hehehe

  6. Thankyou ladies!
    Inez you would rock some cute hats!
    Elosie gym clothes definitely don't suit me ;) (and why on earth are you up this late?!?)

  7. Oh my gosh, you look ADORABLE!! You have the greatest, happiest smile.

  8. I have been looking for a fedora JUST like this one.. It looks great on you!!

  9. You have the best smile! I love this fedora. Seriously, everyone can look good in a fedora. They are just so casual and cool.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Fedoras really do rock! And look awesome on pretty much everyone! Thank you for the love ladies :)

  11. I fell in love with it too! I love me some hats girl! You look absolutely adorable and styling in that hat! Loving that striped top too! Tres chic! Kiah

  12. You're an absolute cutie in your new hat and you look so happy! Op shopping is getting to be such a drag these days as they're ripping people off so I prefer flea markets plus there's a monthly vintage pop-up market at Rumpus Room, West End that I've been frequenting. There's a really clapped-out looking Salvos in Wynnum that has a few goodies:) x

  13. Oh my goodness I know!!! Those op-shops on Ipswich road in Annerley are sooooo expensive now! You think this fedora was $12, in those shops it would probably be $30 :(

  14. I love fedoras and your smile!!!n_n I fell in love with hats of all kind but, just like you said, fedoras are an all-seasoner xD They will be worn!



    P.S: Thanks for your lovely comment!=)


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