29 Aug 2011

OOTD: Family visits

This weekend Ben's parents were visiting, stopping on their way as they travel around Australia grey nomad style. Unfortunately, I worked a lot of the weekend, but did get to spend an awesome chilled out Sunday with them today. We headed to the Powerhouse again to catch the free stand up comedy (loving all this free goodness- every dollar saved goes straight to my Europe fund whoooottt!).

Dress: ASOS Curve, Leggings: BigW,  Cardi: Lily and Lou

I wore my awesome floral ASOS curve dress that I picked up in the Summer sales- love it! It's actually really light (given their penchant for thick fabrics), and I feel really feminine and cute in it. Best of all, I just stuck some leggings underneath and a cardi over the top and it was perfect for the chilly night. This is definitely a dress that I know I will wear all year long. (I also have on a sweet little robot necklace from diva! Cool as!).                    

                                                I thought the best bit about the night, was that Ben and his dad Bob both independently picked almost the exact same outfit! We realised at the Powerhouse that they were in an almost identical tee and slack combo. It was kind of like looking into the future....


  1. a) You look adorable and your smile is so infectious!

    B) They look like twins!! LOVE IT! I can see where it looks like looking into the future! lol

  2. You look super duper cute in that printed top!!! I dunno y but ur photos put a smile on my face :)
    I really like the two guys wearing the strip t as well, super cute!


  3. you look lovely! im following you via bloglovin please follow back so we can keep in touch!!


  4. haha! The matching shirts are great! I love the floral you're wearing, too!

  5. HA! That is soooooo funny! Ben looks so much like his dad

  6. Thank you for your sweet message :)I am now following xo

  7. "Great minds think alike; fools seldom differ."

    So, which are we, Dad?

  8. I love this dress! So cute, Flirty and summery and the pink clutch looks FAB! you have a really cute blog....FOLLOWING


  9. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I absolutely LOVE your blog :) Now following you and have linked your blog to mine xx

  10. cute outfit! thanks for following! following you now :)


  11. love your little floral dress. so cute. hahaha, and i love the son and father tee! si fun.

    thanks for your nice comment.


  12. You look to cute in this dress. The ASOS website always has the best stuff…

  13. Gorgeous doll!!!! This dress looks amazing on you!


  14. CUTE top!!! Love your blog!!

    I'm a new follower maybe we can follow each other??
    xoxo Denise


  15. Haha that is so cute that your boyfriend and his Dad dressed alike!

    I love your dress, the print is just gorgeous. Gosh I really need to sit over a theasaurus and learn more adjectives!



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