11 Aug 2011

OOTD: The final meal

We just heard the awesome news last night that we have been accepted for a 6 week long house-sitting job! As you've probably read over the last posts, Ben and I are saving for a trip to Europe at the end of this year. To do this we are giving up house and home, putting our stuff in storage and couchsurfing/housesitting to squeeze every penny! So last night we celebrated the news of the house position and the end of living luxuriously (which unfortunately means my shopping has to cut down significantly too- hellllooooo op-shops!!)! We did our last pre-holiday splash out, at the Bavarian Bier Cafe and dinner at Paragon Seafood Restaurant on Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane city (but only at the half price seating!!). Ben had lobster and I had seafood chowder omnomnomnomnom!!

 Dress: City Chic, Belt: City Chic Leggings: BigW, Jacket: Lily and Lou

I love this stormy looking dress from City Chic. It's got this really cute unstitched sheer black chiffon layer under the bust, with the racer back detailing behind. And pockets! I luurrvvve dresses with pockets! Especially on chilly nights like this one!


  1. Love your dress ! Really cute !
    You always look amazing :)
    Good luck with your house sitting it all sounds very exciting xx


  2. ooh I love the print on your dress. House sitting sounds fun!

  3. House sitting sounds so fun when your doing it!

    And you look so gorgeous---AS USUAL! Grrrrrrr

  4. Love your dress! That food looks amazing too!


  5. Lobster yum! that's great news about the house sitting - your adventures sound soooo exciting! and dresses with pockets are very awesome.

  6. You look adorable!! How exciting about the house sitting!! You got me to thinking - maybe I will do a winged eyeliner tutorial soon! :)

  7. Thanks ladies :)
    We are super excited to start our adventure! :)


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