30 Aug 2011

September is here already?!!?

 All of a sudden September is not just looming but approaching with the speed of a freight train! We move out of our home, start house sitting, put all our stuff in storage and have a jam packed schedule! I think the scariest thing is that we will be living out of a suitcase for the next four months. After literally turning our dining room into my walk-in-robe, the idea of being limited by a suitcase of clothes is daunting! So, I've decided to get in early and start pre-planning some of my dream event outfits! We have six big events in September which we have RSVP'd for and these are my fashion dreams:

Ready for September part 2

Two of Ben's work mates are getting married in an afternoon ceremony, so I want to look cute, dressed-up and relaxed (plus I'm loving florals at the moment), so I think this F21+ dress fits the bill! And I never miss an opportunity to wear a fascinator- let alone a pink one!! :). Next is our friends Joce and Joel's rainbow themed engagement party; I'm going as a leprechaun and Ben as a pot of gold! Lastly an epic night of girly mayhem has been planned with some of my close girlfriends (although we have now invited the guys too), so I wanted something sexy and super comfy!

Ready for September

Next up my lovely lady Kirstie is turning 21! I know this night will get loose, so this rocking Forever 21+ two-fer and arm candy collection rocks! Mid month my Nanna is visiting from Melbourne and all the siblings and I are meeting up with her for lunch/dinner. Since I don't know which meal it will be yet, I've picked my Domino Dollhouse bow out skirt and a cute top- instant lunch or dinner chic! Lasty, it's also Ben's birthday this month too!! Ben wants to have an espionage themed party, so I think this CSI dress will make sure I don't get lost amoungst the sea of suits and James Bond outfits!


  1. really love your outfit especially the girls night out one you will have to post pics!
    crazy weather at the moment isn't it!
    XX Ilana

  2. Great outfits, Love the wedding one and I cant wait to see all your fab. pics.


  3. haha love the engagement party outfit!! :)


  4. I love the "21st" outfit, so beautiful, so simple. My style.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


  5. These are all so cute!! I love the leopard print dress.

  6. awh i love all these outfits, especially the floral dress. good luck with the move and enjoy all your different nights/days!x

  7. Love the fancy dress style outfits ! They look sooo fun !!
    Really cute dress for that wedding aswell :)


  8. Your outfits all look amazing! I love playing dress up, especially fancy dress!

  9. i am officially JEALOUS of your amazing month!!!!


  10. Wow girlie, love the mashups! I'm also jealous of all the themed parties! FYI, I am drooling over that outfit for the 21st.


  11. thankyou ladies! It will be interesting to see how my outfits match up :) xx


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