2 Aug 2011

One Lovely Blog

I was so happy and super surprised when Maya of Confessions of Fashionistas nominated me for the 'One Lovely Blog' award. I am excited and so grateful that my blog is getting out there and that other people are enjoying it to! The rules to the award are:

- Link back to the person that gave the award
- Write seven random facts about yourself
- Nominate 15 lovely bloggers :)

So without further ado, seven random things about me are:

1) I have no cartilage in the end of my nose and it can squish down flat against my face
2) I am unbelievably clumsy, and fall over all the time
3) I couldn't ride a bike until I was thirteen ( I think this directly relates to number 2)
4) If I had the money I would follow Pearl Jam around the world- gig to gig
5) I could seriously eat haloumi cheese and sushi for every meal of the day
6) I always wear mis-matched rainbow socks to work
7) When sleeping, I often dream about being the main character in whatever book or video game I'm playing at the time

Here si my top 15 and I love them all! Go check them out and keep spreading the love! :)


  1. I used to have a Tetris clone I'd play with my mother and brother which would always have the same order of blocks. So, when the blocks start falling in my dreams, I would still be frustrated that I'd have to wait through a bunch of annoying-and-at-that-point-unusable blue blocks to get to the three-in-a-row red blocks that I was actually after...

  2. Loved learning more about you!

    thank you so much for my award! :)))

  3. thanks so much love! I'm flattered!

  4. You wear rainbow coloured socks to work each day?! I've just stumbled across your blog but can already tell that you're AWESOME!

  5. Love your blog! I'm a plus size fashionista too. I hardly every dream (I only sleep about 4 hours a night so I guess there isn't time!) but the other night I slept for 6 hours and I dreamt *gasp* that I had a beard. Isn't that weird hahaha. I think I better stick to 4 hours from now on. I put a picture of me on my blog with a beard and it looks freaky!

  6. You are so welcome ladies! Your blogs are awesome!

    Heya Corrine and Eloise! I'm checking out both of your right now! I'm loving the way we can all meet and share style like this! It rocks!

  7. congrats! =) and I'm there with you on #5 lol


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