12 Dec 2011

OOTD: Suger Styled by Olivia :)

I'm extremely proud of my fabulous wardrobe and love nothing more than sharing it around! Last weekend I had the honour of styling Melissa from Sugar Coat It with clothes all from my wardrobe!

We met up at Lisa's house (checked out her blog Renovating Italy yet??? If not DO IT!! So awesome!) and had a a fabulous day of fashion shows, excellent food, a few holiday slide shows, wine and of course amazing company! There were plenty of laughs and all sorts of shenanigans- including some magic tricks by Lisa's pocket-rocket daughter Carina (see the lower right photo of Mellisa in pain lol ;). 

After displaying my chosen range of dresses, tops and skirts, Suger tried them on and we accessorised with her fab jewelery and shoe collection! It was an awesome day and shots of Mellisa's outfits are to come this week!

Dress: Dream Diva, Crochet Vest: Kmart

Unfortunately in all the craziness I didn't get to take proper OOTD photos, these three happy snaps were takes by Lisa's daughter and I think capture the happy and fun filled day perfectly. (Also Santa, see how rad I look with Kel's DSLR?? Trust me, I need one and I've been very good!)

Among the perfectly styled and primed pictures of the gorgeous Suger were these gems that I couldn't help but share! A huge thanks to Lisa for putting up with us, Sam for the mad feed and photography skills, Corina for my OOTD piccys, Kel and Ben for loving us crazy ladies and Suger for letting me dress her up! It was an awesome day and I can't wait to share the official 'Suger Styled by Olivia'  shoots to come this week- stay tuned!!!!!!! :)


  1. Haha. I do give good face! I'm so excited about this. And love the range Of borrowed wonderfulness I have until you return. See! I said borrowed. ;)

    That Dream Diva dress is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME.

  2. lovely pics, and i love your wardrobe

  3. Love photos, everything look so pretty!

    I am back from hibernation with a giveaway, please come check it out ;)

  4. Oh, it looks like so much fun!! I'd love to see how cute the red and blue Asos dress looks on Melissa. I love that dress.

  5. OMG she looked so FAB!! We had the craziest, laugh filled, fella's couldn't get a word in day!! The photos look fantastic, Carina was in heaven with all the girlie goings on, she raced in and got her own fashion show.

    Love the funny pics and whose hand is that at your breast Melissa??? Olivia your clothes are hot and you can make me over next God knows I need it!!! (OOps almost wrote God knows I need tit...)
    ciao bella and have a wonderful trip lisa and co!

  6. This looks like so much fun, in fact you always look like you have so much fun!!


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