24 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Four

Local Time: 9:52am
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Tomorrow we will be in: Paris

Over the last few days we:

Fell in love with Florence:
- saw a leather jewellery box making demonstration
- went on a walking tour around the town and loved the gorgeous city
- shopped around on the Old Bridge (made in the 17th century)
- were stunned by the cathedrals and churches- the oldest over 1000 years old!
- had a mad group Florence dinner with live accordion and opera entertainment!

In Switzerland:
- had our first snowball fight!
- were awed by the never-ending rolling Alps and snow-covered cities and pastures
- had some amazing cheese fondue
- loved Swiss chocolate ;)
- stayed in a converted jail for the night


  1. great photos, hun

  2. Such beautiful pics!! I've never really been one for travelling to Europe, but you're changing my mind!!

  3. Beautiful pictures and Paris tomorrow? I'm so envious. It sounds like you are having the best vacation ever. You look adorable as always.

    Swiss chocolate and fondue, yummm. What would a good vacation be with a stay in jail? Am I right? Even if it is just a converted one =P


  4. Oh, I can see you are the best time of your life :).
    I wish you happy and peaceful holidays!!!

  5. you look so happy!


  6. It looks great. You are spending an amazing holidays. I'm happy for you.
    Merry Christmas!!
    I'm with my family at home.


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