15 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Two & OOTD

Local Time: 2:40pm
Location: On the bus to Germany
Tomorrow we will be in: Munich

We left Amsterdam this morning and I'm currently ignoring a very impressive hangover! The last few days we:

- Caught the ferry across The English Channel and were amazed by the White Cliffs of Dover and the awe inspiring scenery
-Made the epic journey through Belgium and France to The Netherlands
- Rocked the nightlife in Amsterdam and tried a little of everything ;)
- Saw a live 'erotic' show (!!!!!) and both Ben and I were picked from the audience to participate in the stripper side shows lol
- Went on a cruise through the Amsterdam canals. Including kissing under the famous 'skinny bridge' which legend says will make your love last forever (awwww)
- Explored Amsterdam today and picked up the coolest souvenir- a mad furry bear beanie with paws!
- Been super lucky with the weather- haven't needed our thermals yet!

I've been basically living in variations of the same outfit; it's warm, comfortable and cute. I'm loving this jacket I picked up on eBay before we left for about $30- bargain! Mind you, after the debauchery in Amsterdam, it could really do with a wash!

Jacket: City Chic, Jeans: City Chic, Tee: Avella, Beanie: Amsterdam Markets

Tonight on to Germany with a beir stein in hand! Cheers/Prost!!!


  1. sounds like lots of fun minus the hangover, you look beautiful!

  2. wohoooo parteeeeh!!! sounds like u`re really having a blast on this trip! which is fabulous xD<3 MMxoxo

  3. woo hoo! fun fun fun love your hat!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! Love your hat too!

  5. Awww..I'm in LOVE with that beanie! Super cute!



  6. Naaaaw, you look adorable! Excellent choice of hat and gloves. I'm loving watching all the pics come through instagram. So cool.

  7. Sounds like you're having an awesome time Olivia! Love your hat, it's soooo cute! :D x

  8. oh wow that is so cooL! amsterdam sounds awesome. going there next year with my boyfriend and some friends! :) sounds like you guys are having so much fun you look so cute! i love the bear hat and paws :)


  9. Sooooo much fun! I love your hat scarf! HAHAHAH

  10. It sounds like you had a really awesome time in Amsterdam! You and your boyfriend sound like such a fun couple to hang out with. Hehe aww, you look so cute in the 4th picture, bears love beets (I don't know if you watch the U.S 'The Office'). Cute sunglasses too.

    Sounds like you are having a wondrous time, keep taking pictures and sharing your adventures with us so I can live vicariously through your amazing trip.

    Love the picture of the ocean as well, I haven't seen the ocean in awhile it feels like. Super pretty jacket and the hat/scarf/glove combo could not be more fun.


  11. Oh, it sounds like you are having so much fun! Yay! That hat/scarf is so cute!


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