21 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry Three

Local Time: 7:07pm
Location: Rome
Tomorrow we will be in: Florence

It's been an amazing last few days! This whole part of the world is so amazingly beautiful; here is a few quick highlights:

In St Goar Germany we:
- went on an amazing wine tasting tour and tried some amazing vintages from the area; including a specially made ice wine that can only be harvested late when the gears are frozen.
- saw the biggest bier stein and the biggest cuckoo-cuckoo clock (world record holding) and Ben picked up his very own one liter bier stein!

In Munich:
- went on an amazing walking tour of the town, exploring many of the original sites integral to the Nazi's and the Third Reich. The city is so beautiful and rich with history.
- tore up the Hofbraeuhaus Bier House (seriously, who gets told they are too rowdy in a beer house?!?).
- Rocked the nightclubs!
- Had a very sobering next morning when we explored the Dachau concentration camp- so horrifying.

In Innsbruck:
- was awed by the breathtaking Austrian Alps
- Loved the amazing Christmas Markets ( and had a caricature done!)
-  Tried all sorts of yummy food and mulled wine (mmmmm mulled wine)

In Venice:
- LOVED the canal cruise around the city
- saw a live Murano Glass Blowing demonstration (ahhhh-mazing!)
- stuffed up my countries and missed catching up with Anita Riot :(
- Got a little lost in the endless back streets and alleys

In Rome:
- explored the captivating city!
- Saw the Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, The Colosseum and Saint Marks Square in a walking tour
- Spent a jaw-dropping morning at Vatican City marveling at its beauty.
- was blown away by The Sistine Chapel ( with THAT ROOF by Michelangelo) and St Peters Basilica

Phew! Here is a taste of our adventures so far! I'll keep you posted!


  1. wow you guys look like your having so much fun.. take a drink for me

  2. wow you make me miss europe so much with these posts ^^d amazing places! so glad u`re having a great trip dearies! b^^d MMxoxo

  3. So glad you guys are having a fun trip through europe! ahh it is so sad that we missed eachother by a day! :( we will have to catch up sometime somewhere to make up for this! :)

    the pictures are amazing! have fun doll!


  4. You are seriously too cute. I Love these pictures and it sounds like you are having the most fabulous time! I love ice wine and look at the size of that pretzel! I seriously hope I get to travel to Europe one day, I'm a huge history buff. I love that you guys got told you were being too rowdy haha.


  5. GIANT PRETZEL!!!! Sorry - I was a little excited about that.....looks like you are both having a blast:D Yah for holidays!

  6. Super pictures.. You have captured happy moments. Good to see it.n And I also like title Wait until the sunset..Good work :)

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