13 Dec 2011

Holiday Diary: Entry One

Local Time: 8:15pm
Location: London
Tomorrow we will be in: Amsterdam

It's been a crazy last few days! We:

- We rocked out a 3-ish day stop over in Kuala Lumpar
- Got lots of massages
- Embarrassed ourselves by complaining to room service that we couldn't get the shower door open - apparently it opens inwards lol
- Survived the 14 hour flight to London
- I burst into tears when we landed because I was so excited
- Spent the whole day exploring London today and visited some awesome shops that I had only ever seen online before!
- Met up with our Contiki crew and had a few beers where I overshared already

Tomorrow our tour starts and I sent ahead warning to Amsterdam! ;)


  1. lol, too cute... lovely photos

  2. Sounds like you have an amazing time. Keep on rocking.

  3. I love that you guys embarrassed yourselves with the shower!! The showers in the the Czech Republic were like these clear tubes that only comfortably fit a much smaller person than my husband and I. We felt like Augustus from Willy Wonka each time we showered. I was just waiting for the day that one of us got stuck and we'd have to call room service! You remember those funny stories! They are the best!

  4. Oh wow!! I'm so exited for you guys. Can't wait to hear everything. Keep us posted. But, you know, enjoy yourselves too!

    Contiki won't know what hit them! Lucky buggers.

  5. Hoorraaay! So glad you`re having fun on your trip! Piccies look great! ^^<3 Have a blast hunnies! ^^/

  6. That sounds like a pretty fabulous trip! You're going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  7. Great photos! :) you really had fun there. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  8. Wonderful photos, keep them coming

  9. GIRL, I am so excited for you! I wish I was there. Loving your pics and you look GREAT! :D

  10. I found your blog from Suger and I'm so glad, I love it! I love your OOTD posts - you are so cute and have such fabulous style!! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip, I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

  11. have been following your adventures on Instagram. looks like a ton of fun!

  12. aw so cool!!!! yay have fun and shop your heart out! hope europe is fun for you! are you coming around vienna? would be cool to meet up for a blogger coffee if you do come around these parts! :)


  13. Looks like having a blast awwww im super stoked for your adventures

    great pictures doll :)


  14. I have always wanted to take a picture in one of those red phone booths! I saw it in a couple of magazines! Super fun photos. So jealous! I've never been out of the US! Kiah

  15. Olivia, I love following your IG adventures!!! It sounds (and looks) like you are having the time of your life, dearie!

  16. Very Jealous!! I can't wait to see more of your pics and you are such a dedicated blogger to keep on posting whilst you are away.

  17. WOW!! Great pics! Looks like you having a great time!




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