21 Mar 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Coloured Tights

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff challenge item is coloured stockings- one of my all time favourite outfit punching things to wear! If you haven't heard me raving about We Love Colors yet, you must be living on another planet. I literally cannot recommend them enough- they are without a doubt the comfiest stockings I've ever worn. Available in over fifty colours and with a size chart that caters to up to 170ks/6foot, they pretty much have everyone covered. And amongst my seemingly ever-growing collection of We Love Color's tights, is this spanking hot purple pair!

Dress and belt: New Look Inspire (belt bought separately)
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Bag and ring: eQuip
Necklace: Modcloth
Tights: We Love Colors
Flats: Crocs

Last night we went out to the Twilight Markets to stock up on fresh produce and other such mid-week market goodies. I was much more lavishly dressed than I normally would be for such an outing, but I wanted to show off a way you can wear coloured stockings without looking too 'alternative' or dressed down (both ways I tend to normally wear them!)

As you can see, I've finally had some shape cut into my hair. I've literally been growing it our for five years (from a short spiky red hair-do!) and have been waiting for the length before I cut into it. I even toyed with the idea of going back to brunette, but at the moment I'm totally loving the bangs! What do you think??

The dress is an old favourite from New Look Inspire that I picked up on our Holiday of Awesome. There is something about stripes. They are always such an eye-catching outfit maker. Couple that with the super bright tights and I'm basically walking around screaming to be looked at! I feel like the structure of the blazer balances out the attention seeking boldness of the rest of the outfit, its the perfect professional finish to an otherwise loud look (plus, I suppose me being loud in general probably doesn't help ;).

Can't wait to see all my brightly coloured stocking-ed Fatshion Faceoff babes this week!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. I love this outfit I really want some more wlc tights, your fringe look great ! Xx

  2. We Love Colors has the best tights ever, you tell no lies. I wish I could afford to buy one in every single color and some extras of the colors I already own. Speaking of the love of tights, I love the color of these tights and you paired it perfectly with your striped dress - I love stripes too, anything striped and my heart goes a flutter. I love your bangs, you look ... (I'm going to cheeseball) bangin'.


  3. I love this! Colored tights are the best, I really need to get some new ones. Your dress is really cute, too! You look fantastic.

  4. Just so damn gorgeous you are my love. Love, love coloured tights and you're looking all bubbly and happy.
    As for your hair I can't get enough of looking at her cheery smile and those bangs, it truly is perfection on you.

  5. This is such a cute look! I love colored tights I think they really give a nice pop to any outfit!
    love your neon belt :)

  6. You are the queen of coloured tights and you are so happy all the time - it makes me smile. I do love a stripey frock too and your bag is really cute. I love the fringe (do you guys say that in Aust? Or use bangs?) it really suits you :D

  7. hey girl,

    you're like my twin this week ;-)
    We both love we love color tights and you got a gorgeous bang ;-)

  8. Love the bright tights with the black and white striped dress :)

    Your new hair looks so cute too! :)

  9. I love the necklace! And your bans look cute too.

  10. Love the tights and the fringe on you....and the dress. Just a lotta love for this post! x x

  11. I love the outfit you put together! The red accent belt with the black and white dress and the colorful tight for a great pop! Plus i adore that bag you have its super cute! Oh and your bangs look great! :)

  12. LOVE this outfit. Those purple tights look amazing with the monochrome dress. I've always wanted to try We Love Colors tights... hopefully will one day soon. The fringe really suits you! Love it. I think you look brilliant as a blonde, and your new do is perfect xx

  13. love the purple tights and love the bangs, such a hottie!

  14. Oh! I love your fringe! I've been wanting a fringe for ages, but I keep talking myself out of it. It really suits you!

  15. Love it all head to toe!! FANTASTIC!!

  16. You look fantastic as always. And the fringe looks great on you. ♥

  17. Aww, we are tights twins! I have the exact same purple pair, I just don't give them enough of the love that they deserve. Your outfit is inspirational to me.

    And I don't think I've properly commented on your hair. It's fabulous and the fringe really suit you. I had no idea you were ever brunette! Now that would be a BIG change.


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