10 Mar 2013

Brand Spotlights: eShakti review

eShakti are without a doubt, my favourite go-to brand for perfect fitting, classic and wonderfully made fashion. And of course, the fact that all items are available from size 0-36 makes them an absolute star in my eyes. A brand that understands the need for a full range of sizes and caters for the bulk of the population is pretty rare. Let alone at affordable prices and in such a wide range of styles!

I've written about them several times and now have quite a few of their pieces on high rotation (let alone the pieces I've handed on to Suger and Kath!). Being totally customisable, I know I'm always going to get exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe I love the dress but want a different neckline- no worries!!! eShakti have you covered! So when they contacted me about a product review, I more than jumped at the chance!!!

Dress: eShakti (c/o)
Tights: Kmart
Blazer: ASOS Curve
Shoes: swapped at PSFWA
Clutch: a thrift shop find!

I chose this fabulous swan print peter pan collar dress. I requested the sleeves to be changed to this cute little cap sleeve style and changed the length to a short-dress. In hindsight, the mini probably wasn't the most practical length and I'll be ordering my dresses in the above the knee length instead in the future.

Size wise, I find their measurements tables more or less spot on. This is a size 3X 24 and it fits perfectly. Comfortable over my bust, nipped in at the waist and relaxed over my hips- like a dream!

I can literally spend hours drooling over the eShakti website. With high stock turn around and constant new items I am always finding new items that I add to my lust-list! Here are a few of the goodies catching my eye at the moment!

 And even better, eShakti have very kindly given me a promo code to share with you guys! So, when you go and check out their website (and no doubt fill up your shopping bag the way I do!), when checking out use this promo code for 20% off!

Promo code for 20% storewide

For shipping to Australia, I use shipito.com, a mail forwarding service in the USA. They are fast and reasonably priced and exactly what I need to get my goodies home to Brisbane!

Do you have any favourite items on the eShakti website??? 


  1. Such a cute dress, love it on you. The length looks great too! :)

    Thanks for the tip about shipitto, after hopshopgo damaged an expensive Christmas gift in transit and never apologised or refunded any money I'm never using them again.

    1. Oh that sucks Mica!!! Well I can say nothing but good things about shipito. They are really awesome. And their customer service team is really fast and friendly!

  2. You are amazingly cute with this outfit! Your style is sweet with the red blazer, the tights, and the super-cute espadrille shoes all complimenting this cute dress.


  3. Look at you swanning about it that dress/tunic, very cute my sweet. As for your lust list, stop talking woman and get the damn mustard skirt it is divine a must have get it, get it, get it.

  4. You look amazing I love this dress! I wish they shipped to the uk xx

  5. Ha! Love that you went for the mini - I would have done the same! The print on this is fabulous! They are on my list for this year. Need want!

  6. You look so pretty! This entire outfit is so beautiful. I think the dress is really cute, and I love the blazer, shoes, and earrings too. I only clicked on their website for the first time the other day after hearing such good things about their clothes. I want it all! Don't know if they actually ship to England though xx

  7. I love love that swan dress!! I have been eyeing a few ever pan styles too. They are so cute. Those shoes are amazing too!! I've been tempted to buy me a pair but I'm afraid I'll end up on my bottom!!

  8. Too cute! I have a couple of dresses from them, and I spend more time looking at their website than I think is advisable.
    But I love how you styled this!

  9. How cute are you! I especially love the collar :D

  10. The swan dress is amazing, I love swans and I wish there were more clothes around with swans on them. Love the shoes and the overall styling.

  11. You look so adorable in that dress.
    I have been missin you a lot.

  12. such a great inspiration here- love your look.
    you are so cute.
    kisses to you
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. you look stunning sweets, lurv the way you styled your outfit!!!

  15. tres sympa cette tenue vraiment j aime bcp,par contre mm pas en reve ici vu les temperatures brrrrrrrrrr


  16. You look great in that dress! Love the print!

  17. Totally agree with you! Love eShakti too, great quality, great styles, just have to wait a little while to get their stuff, but it's worth the wait!

  18. Guh! I think I need to bite the bullet and organise a US shipping address because I so desperately want to buy from Eshatki! I love that dress, the collar and print look so cute together!

  19. You look adorable in that dress, so beautiful.

  20. Thank you so much for your comment!

    Loving that dress. I must check out eShakti! xx

    Come and Enter My GIVE-AWAY!

  21. Dude you look amazing! I love this outfit and I love, love the whole look. i agree, eShakti is THE BEST.

  22. This outfit is sooooo cute! Love love love love it! You look fab!



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