28 Mar 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Hat

I have a love hate relationship with hats. I love the way they look and hate the way they feel on my head! I'm a very picky hat person. To get into my wardrobe, a hat needs to be perfect- have a great look, a great feel and be lightweight. The magic three is a big enough call that I only have four hats to my name. This one is actually a recent purchase and a perfect three combo!

Hat: Target
Skirt: City Chic
Belt: ASOS Curve
Bag: Torrid
Stockings: We Love Colors
Wedges: Betts

I wore this funky outfit for St Patrick's Day, to our favourite local wine haunt- Watt Bar under the Powerhouse and right on the Brisbane river. I don't have a whole lot of green and I'd been dying to wear this hat, so I figured I'd go with red instead! I'm loving the way the red of the belt, hat and shoes brings out the heart print on the top.

This awesome little H.K Nerd lunch box is on high rotation at the moment. The metal and structure of it coupled with the rad shape of the hat, channels a modern vintage vibe to the outfit. Plus they are both just super rad!

I put this last piccy in here because I thought it was just to cute not to. This is my bestie Emma (also one of my bridesmaids!) tying up my shoelaces while we are at the pub- she is such a catch, I love her to bits!

Can't wait to check out all my hot-hatted Fatshion Faceoff ladies this week! 

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

How do you feel about hats??


  1. Forgive the cheese content of this...but along with feeling sincere I'm also very tired. You are an inspiration. You look great. Not an original thing to say, but well meant.

  2. Great look with so many pops of red. I will say that red looks great on you. Great style, Olivia.


  3. That is a cute hat. Love it. I can't wear hats full stop. I have a friend who wears hats all the time and looks gorgeous in them, and I'm insanely jealous :P

  4. You're such a rebel. Wearing red on St. Patty's day?! haha It was a fabulous sartorial choice of you to do. I get the vintage/modern vibe you were going for!

    I also only have a few hats in my possession. They're all pretty classic like a bowler hat, pork pie... etc. Unless those floppy beret things count as hats, then I have more than few. lol

  5. I love this outfit from top to toe! Particularly those shoes - I am so jealous that you can wear heels. Fabulous look Ma'am!

  6. Waouw
    this isdefenitely in my top 3 of favorite Sunset outfits!
    Love it all the hat, the top the skirt with pockets the wedges and the Kitty bag just awesome.....as well as the spot where you took the pics!
    gorgeous girl!

  7. Wow wow wow!!! Gorgeous and those shoes are everything!

  8. Really like all of the red in this outfit, that polka dot top is lovely :)

    The hat is great - I'm similarly picky over hats but have acquired 2 to help keep my skin covered in the summer. Don't see myself increasing the number any time soon, hats are just too tricky!

  9. Your blog is like this little place where I know every time I visit, I will smile. its awesome. The hat is adorable (I LOVE hats but I take the exact opposite approach to you -I own roughly 10 million of them)

  10. Love love love this! It's so mod fantastic!

  11. Wow, you're the cutest! You look beautiful and this post really makes me smile! :D

  12. Love the outfit with the backdrop! Looks fab and reminds me of London lol x

  13. I don't own a single hat, actually, but this post makes me want to! You look amazing. I love the whole outfit, but especially the shoes :)

  14. I looooooooove this outfit and absolutely adore the photos. Great work lady. LOVE Emma. She's a good egg.

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