14 Mar 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Boots

So I have this totally rad pair of over the knee boots that I picked up at a clothes swap. Finding boots to fit my calves is hard work, but to fit my thighs?! Well, I couldn't wait to show these babies off!

Boots and Belt: swapped
Top: ASOS Curve
Skirt: Torrid
Stockings: We Love Colors

Necklace: Etsy 
Bag: eQuip

I would actually like them a little tighter to sit more shapely over my legs, but all in all, I'm loving those boots! The heel is the perfect height, just long enough for height but without that 'fear-of-falling-on-my-arse' feeling that I get with anything much over 10cm. It's also quite a decent width which is great for extra support.

There is always that risk of looking like a complete ho-bag in thigh high boots, but I reckon this outfit has enough cute and geek to balance it out. How fab is this Harry Potter snitch inspired necklace?? Totally cool and there is a clock inside the center circle!

I wanted this top sooooo bad when I saw it online. I actually don't think its is quite me though and am considering putting it on eBay next week. The cut seems to be too loose or to thick over my bust. And then the peplum seems to sit oddly? I'm not to sure about it, what do you think?

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  1. Holy Crap! Those boots are AWESOME!! I can't believe you got them at a swap - if I owned them I wouldn't let anyone else have them EVER. I love the rest of your outfit - I think the poka dot top is adorbs and makes the outfit look more cute that cheap xoxox

  2. I usually hate boots but those look so good on you! :)

  3. Gorgeous Liv! Love the boots and the vest. x x

  4. Love the boots! Polka dots are cool too. I like the top :)

  5. I have been eyeing this top of for a while now. I think it looks great, heading to asos now

  6. I love this outfit, i don't think the boots look "ho bag" at all! LOL
    What an AWESOME necklace, I love harry potter!

  7. I kinda want to steal your necklace...

  8. Those boots are a great find! And I love the necklace! The top looks nice, too, in my opinion, but if you don't like it I'm sure you can sell it & get something you do love instead.

  9. Ho j adore tes bottes et ton top,extra top ;o)

  10. I think the top is adorable but, it's all about how you feel in it. And of course the whole outfit is amazing!

  11. The boots look great on you! I really like that polka dot top on you as well, but if you aren't feeling it maybe best to let it go :)

  12. Those boots!!! Amazing, I love how you've styled them, I like the top, but if you're not comfortable then it should go, I know I've held onto to things I'll never wear because I felt iffy in them.


  13. Gah! you look amazing. Loving this peplum top and the boots add a ridiculously sexy edge.

  14. Ha! You said ho bag, lol!!!! I have the same issue with over the knee boots. But I think the look you have here is sexy and fun! Well done!


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