11 Apr 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Cosy Jumper

Being all warm and cozy is one of the best feelings. However, seeing that its relatively warm pretty much all year round in Brisbane, although I like the feeling, usually I'm more hot and sticky than cozy. So I way prefer light weighted pull-overs and jumpers- I get so much more occasion to wear them than big cozy ones and they are easy to layer if I do get cold.

Jumper: ASOS Curve
Skirt: New Look Inspire
Stockings: We Love Colors
Shoes: Jelly Beans
Camera stash: Belkin

I wore this last night when we went to the local night markets to buy some fresh produce. I always dress comfy when at the markets, for more often than not I find myself carrying big bags of goodies back to the car! I love the feel and the print of this ASOS Curve GEEK jumper, but I feel a little lost in its relaxed cut. Fashion wise, I feel loads cuter when I'm in more fitted clothes, but again, for comfort-ness this jumper is a winner!

My fringe has grown so fast, its currently sitting right in my eyes and making me crazy! I'm trying out some new side styles, but I think they look a bit ordinary on me. What do you think about the split fringe? Any fringe tips would be greatly appreciated! 

I am utterly obsessed with my new jellies!! I remember having these when I was little and have been lusting after them for years on international websites, damning the killer postage. I only just found out there is a completely Aussie owned and operated company that has been selling them since 2011. I seriously have to prevent myself from buying them in every colour- insanely awesome to wear!

I wonder how the FF ladies in the colder countries are rocking their jumpers??

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. Hey geek sis
    love the jumper with the skirt. Jellies were one of my childhood horros lol :-)
    Glad to see someone loves them cuties

  2. This is an adorable outfit! I would wear it all the time, haha.
    Back in the good ol' days when I had bangs and long hair, I was super lazy with them. My hair grows pretty slowly, so I wasn't quite so forced to get creative, but I did often wear them split down the middle when they were too long to just wear straight. They look great on you, too!

  3. LOVE that skirt! You look amazing. As for fringes, I find mine needs trimming about every three or four weeks to keep it in check, (but let's face it, going to get it cut every three weeks rarely happens). You might find your hair dresser will trim your fringe for free if you get your hair cut there a lot (mine does). I either get a friend or family member to trim mine for me between cuts, or I just end up pining it back with kirby grips to get it out of my eyes.

  4. I love that sweater - so cute! I could totally wear this ALL the time. The weather here isn't as sunny as with you guys! ALSO - OMG!!! Jellies!!! My mum would never buy me a pair when I was a kid. I'm SO going to check out the site:D

  5. your whole outfit is really cute! I love the skirt! Also, what caught my eye was definitely those jellybean shoes! AHH! I never had a pair growing up but now that they are coming back, I am going to get a pair! :D

  6. Love the jumper! I've been a bit uninspired by all these geek jumpers, but this one is totally cute and I love that you paired it with a dotty skirt. Oh and your jelly sandals are adorable and giving me 90s flashbacks. ;P


  7. Such a cute jumper! Really fun design, and I like it with your polka dot skirt :)

    I know what you mean about the fringe! Mine ranged from ridiculously short - as I always asked for more cut off to avoid it getting in my eyes - to far too long as it grew back so quickly between cuts. Although the funny thing is, growing it out took forever! haha! I'm much happier without it poking my eyeballs :P

  8. I've always heard fringe can get annoying at times but then again I'm the laziest person ever when it comes to hair, it is amazing how fast hair can grow isn't it? I need a hair change, le sigh. I can't get over your jelly shoes, they make me feel so nostalgic. I had some jellies when I was a little girl too and I always use to poke at them because the material always fascinated me. You look great sweetie.


  9. Awww Liv, could you be any cuter??? Seriously!!! You are adorable!


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