19 Aug 2011

OOTD: So cute, oh so cute!

When you're on a good thing run with it, right City Chic? Picking a winner with the 'So Cute Dress' , City Chic have released several variations of this banging two-fer; all selling out super fast! I remember when this dress first came out last year (?), I swear they were all gone within the two days of me seeing them on the website and getting into the stores!

For a spot of afternoon shopping, I donned my own blue So Cute dress! Walking past the local C.C store today I spotted their new lace print one with the white belt!! Want, want!!! :)

Missing the initial run-out of these dresses, I actually picked this one up on ebay for about half the ticketed price! Score! And, I must admit I have it in blue and red now :)

Looking at some of the awesome other types available, I'm getting some major lustage. What I wouldn't give for one of the leopard print ones! Which is your favourite??


  1. Oooo! These are cute! I love the way it fits you. It looks great. I like all of them, actually.

  2. I love the sash belt and the vivid bold hue!~

  3. You look lovely!

    The leopard print dress is gorgeous, I wish we had city chic in the UK!

  4. i really like that leopard print one !!
    having a bit of a leopard print phase these days :)
    Your blue one is really cute as well xx


  5. I love the blue on you! These dresses are to cute especially that white and black one! Man City Chic is about to get more of my money!


  6. They are all so nice! I wish I oculd ahve them all :( siiiiiighhhh

  7. OH "M" GEE!! I am so in love with that dress! I want one! I would rock the heck out of it too! You look amaz in blue girl! Your sweet comments always make me smile! Thank you! Kiah

  8. Cute pick up! The red and orange ones are my favorite :D

  9. Ooo that blue is so beautiful on you, fabulous! :D
    But I have to agree with you on the leopard print one, it's so pretty!

    I really did! I love how even just a face mask perks you up so much :)
    But no, cucumbers aren't really the sexiest things around lol

    And I'm glad to hear clothes make someelse want to dance :D

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog! <3

    Walabean x

  10. Purple.......ALWAYS purple (though I've got this great new purple leopard print handbag, which is kind of the best of both worlds)

  11. lol very true, although I think I like the sleeves best on the purple one too.

  12. oh oh oh oh!!! So SUPER CUTE, I WANT!!!:D you always look so cute in all dresses and your smile, aww…x)
    my favorite ones are your blue one, the lace print one with the white belt and the one beneath that one =)



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  13. You look lovely! The leopard print dress is gorgeous!


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