16 Sept 2012

Wardrobe/life re-evaluated

Anyone new here?? Let me bring you up to speed:

- In June 2011 I started this blog
- In August 2011 we packed up our home and put it all into storage- including 90% of my wardrobe
- We spent the next twelve months galavanting around the world and couch surfing 
- Early 2012 we escaped the the UK for the Holiday of Awesome 
- In June this year, Ben proposed at Full Figured Fashion Week in New York
- In September we bought a house

And this weekend, I got my wardrobe back.

Right! That is the quick and dirty version. The most important thing to note here (*ahem* apart from the diamonds on my left hand), is that I finally have my entire wardrobe back! And holy crap, there is obscene amounts of it. I used to laugh and brush it off when people told me I had lots of clothes. Well, here is my proof. An entire two rooms of proof. I have too many clothes.

I have clothes stored in bags because I always ran out of time at the end of a lease to go through them and decide what I actually wanted to keep. So I have lugged all these bags of 'un-chuckable' clothes from house to house, always intending to properly sort and re-evaluate them. In this house (my house- actually MINE ekkkkk :-), I have time. So I decided to be tough. I have been going through all the boxes and splitting them into three piles- chuck, donate and keep.

That said, it has been a whole lot of fun delving through the last seven years of clothes. I found some pure gems like a leather mini-skirt, a sequinned bra, black and white gangster platforms, a legion of Pearl Jam fan tees and the outfit I was wearing the day I met Ben!!!

The thing I'm most proud of though, is that I'm chucking all those clothes that made me feel ashamed and degraded by my body. I have a literal mountain (albeit small compared to Mount Fuji, but huge next to my bed-side table) of shrugs. I have lots of shrugs because I didn't want to leave the house with my arms showing.......

This memory makes me feel ill. I always thought I was relatively body confident. But looking at my collected clothes perhaps not so much. But you know what, looking at it now I am so proud of the confident and outgoing person I have become.

Another huge epiphany moment, was when I reached a bag of modified straight size clothes. I had this entire bag from about five-six years ago full of clothes that I had bought and adjusted to fit me. I'd cut the waist off long skirts to make mini skirts from the bottom flare out, slash into plain tees to make them punk rock, cut straps off tank-tops to make them boob tubes. All these modifications so that I could have clothes that made me feel good around my thin girlfriends who could buy clothes however they wanted!

Fat-fashion has come so far in the last ten years, I never truly have any problems buying what I'm looking for these days! Sure it's often more expensive and the range isn't as extensive- but we are getting there! Girls these days have so many more plus-size options available and everyday its getting better!

It was a truly amazing experience delving into my fashion past and discovering all these things about myself I'd forgotten. Better yet, helping me re-realize how happy I am to be me!  

When was the last time you did a wardrobe 


  1. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun to go through your fashion history and try things on again!

    Hope you have a very productive de-cluttering! I've never sat down and gone through my entire wardrobe - I always do it bit by bit. I know I have to many clothes, but find it hard to get rid of things. Would be great if you could share some tips with us too! :)

  2. Really great blog. You've come a long way!

    I evaluate all the time. I've given 6 bags away to charity already this year. My spare room WILL become free of junk at some point. I WILL get a bed in there for guests to stay in ;) xo

  3. Great post! I love rediscovering old clothes I forgot all about. It's fantastic how far you've come on your path to body-confidence, and believe me when I say you always look amazing!

    I'm so aware of how easy it is to shop for my size these days; a few years ago- and I mean just a few- plus size fashion was so limited in both shop and clothes selection here in the UK. But now we have bright colours, prints, patterns, and fitted waists instead of shapeless sacks! It seems to be getting better all the time, so hopefully one day we'll get as much selection as straight sized girls do.


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