12 Sept 2012

Vlog: My Beauty Routine

You know that time you found a product that works perfect for your skin. Yeah I've had one of those. And now I want to tell everyone about it!

I've had several emails now from people wanting to know what my beauty routine is and I've ummed and ahhed about spilling my secrets in a little v-log about it. Well, I thought I might as well get on to it and show everyone- especially now that I've found my dream cleanser from Lash Care Co!!

Rather than doing one huge video, I'm planning to split it into a few little quick ones! So there will be makeup and false-lash application videos coming up next!

So tell me- what are your favourite products??? 
Do you have any beauty or fashion questions??


  1. Look at you, it's so nice to see and hear you :).

  2. Everyone needs a clarisonic facial brush. My skin has looked lightyears better since I started using it in the shower every morning!

  3. I love these sort of posts. Great to hear your voice! That cleanser looks amazing, and I love the idea of lash extensions. They really open up your eyes!

  4. Awesome vlog honey. I need to find out more about lash extensions, I know nothing about them. How long do the ones you have last? Do you still use mascara?

  5. Love to see you in this vblo. I feel you so much closer.
    You have the best skin in the whole world, pure porcelain.

  6. More vlogs, more vlogs, more vlogs! Love it! Checking them out online right now.

  7. Its great learning about any aussie product, like you my skin is also sensitive, will be looking for that brand to try for sure :) Great Vlog


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