6 Sept 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Statement Ring

This week's Fatshion Faceoff was my choice. When I finish putting an outfit together, I always head for my accessory stacks and more often than not walk out the door with a funky ring on. I have an epic collection of sparkly, pointy, plain and weird rings- they are some of my favourite outfit rock-a-fiers!

Ring: Colette
Jeans: Torrid
Top and Jacket: Lily and Lou

It was my sisters housewarming last weekend and its still so cold here that I wanted to be dressed for warmth and comfort. I am totally in love with my new Torrid Stiletto Jeans that I was lucky enough to pick up from the Torrid team at FFFWeek (full review post to come next week!). They are so comfy and so smokin hot, I have literally been living in them!

This awesome Colette ring is so funky- I even have matching earrings for it! Its super sparkly and on a sweet stretchy band so it's easy to wear all day. 

Alrighty, time to check out all our Fatshion Faceoff babes!!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

Do you wear statement rings??


  1. Love it, and I love your jewellery storage, once we have our room back and sorted I am planning lots of places to keep my bits and bobs! your ring id gorgeous, and the jeans are seriously hot!!!

  2. I SO need something similar for my jewellery, they're a total mess in my drawer! Thanks for inspiration babe :).

    I love the ring and I'm totally jealous of your jeans, I wish we had Torrid in here so that I could try them on! xx

  3. I have to do my nails which does not happen as often as I would like. Then I like to wear them on my middle finger for max exposure. Love the jeans and the ring is blingtastic!!

  4. Woot woot love the jeans and defenitely will be buying a pair in Cali in 6 weeks
    cute bling ring looks great!!
    hope you had fun at the party xxxx

  5. OMG, I love your jewelry collection! I'm like you and have quite a collection myself. ;) I'm seriously dying though over your snake ring! It's awesome! I totally need to hunt one down myself. :D

  6. Would love to try these jeans on when I see you next to get an idea of size. You look fab. And note, you're rocking TWO statement rings there. Goooorgeous.

  7. loving those jeans! i've been contemplating getting some but not sure about their sizing tbh. are they stretchy at all? im only short too.. will check back for your review! :) - tahlia.


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