4 Oct 2011

September wrap up

In August we packed up our house for storage in preparation for our Europe holiday in Decembers. One of the hardest things to pack away was my extensive wardrobe. It's sad not being able to dance around amongst my epic piles of fabulous fashions before deciding on an outfit. So, having quite a few pre-RSVP'd events coming up I tried a little outfit planning to save some time.

Here is the final wrap up:

 Kirsties's 21st 
I ended up wearing my rocking DD strawberry dressed and loved it! I ordered these dresses instead of my first Forever 21 haul.

Nanna Lunch
I was so horribly sick when my Nanna was visiting, but managed to pull it all together with this cute outfit. Note the extremely sexy febrile sweat- hot stuff! (get it..get it??! lol)

Ben's Birthday
 Ben's espionage party got put on the back-burner for a few weeks because of all the horrible moving packing. We did however have a romantic dinner out together then a snuggle movie night. This rocking romper is my favourite house wear- love it!

Dan & Kelli's Wedding
 Again my planned outfit was meant to be from my Forever 21 haul that didn't happen. But this gorgeous City Chic outfit is my go to 'feel-fabulous' dress. I love the colours, the cut and I always have an amazing night in it!

Joce & Joel's Engagement Party
I usually get my costumes from By Costumes in the USA, but I feel in love with this versatile leprechaun outfit from Costume Box (beer wench/maid/peasant/octoberfest/Saint Patricks Day- seriously!! It's the ultimate outfit!! ;). I was so happy with the quality of it and the whole costume looked super cute!

Saturday night Shenanigans
Seriosuly my new favourite dress. New dress (snapped up at 38% off) and hot new hair- outfit win!!

So overall I think I did okay. As something I've never done before, I believe that the outfit planning did ultimately save time as I did a whole lot less last minute deciding (and re-deciding); and I think it's something I'll try again in the future. Do you guys plan any outfits in advance??

(as a side note, all the stockings in these pictures are from We Love Colors- if you don't have any yet- GET SOME NOW!!!! Most.comfortable.tights. EVER!)


  1. wow i love that strawberry dress! it's so cute :)


  2. LOVE the blog, u r super cute!Def following u!

  3. lovely outfits, don't have a fav they all look great on you!


  4. I love the Nana's lunch look! The sash on the skirt is great! Good luck with all the packing and planning!

  5. such cute outfits they look great on you!!!

  6. I loved all your outfits darn you!! so damn cute!

  7. lovely outfits! I love the dress that looks like watermelon or strawberries! it's so adorable!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  8. i absolutely ADORE that domino doll house dress on you :) looks amazing! love all the outfits though. youre a total babe :)


  9. I've been dieing to see someone in that Domino Dollhouse Dress! You look great in it^^

  10. really like the girls night dress :)

  11. Think good thoughts about the wardrobe. They can hear them! I absolutely loved the engagement party shake down. The costume was awesome and it looked like everyone was having a great time. Also, thanks a lot for introducing me to Domino Dollhouse. Now I have to own that birthday bash dress.

  12. You are too cute and creative with your outfits!


  13. I'm in love with all your outfits as usual! you look GORGEOUS in the "wedding" choice!

  14. I love your outfits, you have a really cool and bold style.

  15. Yay, I love wrap up posts!! You've got such great outfits. :)

  16. And I totally agree - We Love Colors Tights are amazing!!!

  17. Very cute!!!!!!! I love your outfits! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it! I have to follow! I am in love with your blog!



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