20 Oct 2011

The ugly road to beautiful-ness

Getting my brows and lashes done is definitely my biggest indulgence. I've blogged before about my retarded lashes and I love how I feel when I leave the salon, but it is such an ugly road to get there! Look at these beautifying pics- it's not a pretty sight! Especially the wax pain face! ;)

This is me getting waxed, plucked, tinted and lashed!

By the time I book my appointment, my brows are furry, my lashes are wonky and I have some serious bald patches where the old ones have fallen out. After a pamper session with the amazing Lash Me crew- I leave feeling fabulous!

Check out the difference in old left eye to shinny new right eye in this picture!
 From furry, baldy and wonky to full, neat and fabulous!

For those who haven't seen before- at the top here is what my normal lashes look like. I feel so glamorous and ready to rock with my Lash Me lashes and I am definitely hooked!!

What's your biggest beauty indulgence??


  1. wow, i was going to get lash extensions last year for xmas, but i ended up going into labor! they came out great girlie! ;-)

  2. I would love to get eyelash extensions, but I can't afford them! They look so goooood though!

    Hmm, my biggest beauty indulgence? I'm not really sure I have one. I think I actually tend to be more low key then most girls. I do everything myself. Plucking, shaving, painting my nails. If anything it would just be the cost of the products I use!

  3. I really want to get some lash extensions. Problem is, no one does is here where I live! AND in Chicago, they are cRAZY expensive! Like, indulgence X10!

  4. Those lash extensions look so gorgeous on you! You look very lovely! Having those lash extensions are really worth it! They're really a big indulgence! :)

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  5. I had no idea that such a thing as lash extensions even existed! Wow, they look great!

  6. It looks painful but at the same time AMAZING!

  7. Wow! Looks amazing!

    I'm pretty low key, so I'd say my biggest beauty indulgence is getting my eyebrows waxed. lol


  8. They look wonderful and so natural! x

  9. Beauty is work and I don't know that I would've had the guts to show myself pre "ready face". Great post girlie and those lashes are gorge!

  10. Beauty is pain !!! Work it girl ;)

  11. painful but worth it!!! you are pretty dear and i love your blog... you are a powerful woman who is not afraid to bare it all... following you now..hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!


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  12. ..I love lash extensions ..it's an instant Chic ..

  13. beautiful post!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!!

  14. Lovely blog dear! Visit mine and if you like we can follow each other :)


  15. wow what do they do to your lashes?



  16. Wow the lash me lashes look wonderful - very natural but really long

  17. love it.
    please come to see mine.

  18. Your eyes are perfect now! :) i'm following you :)

  19. My daughter would LOVE the extensions...she gets her eyebrows threaded, just looking at them do it makes me cringe, lol.....yours look fabulous!!
    Nice to meet you:)

    Statements in Fashion: A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  20. You know I've never actually waxed my eyebrows - I know, I know. My eyebrows/lashes are extremely light and they don't seem to grow too much but I would probably do it one day.

    The lash extensions are absolutely gorgeous! My biggest beauty indulgence use to be expensive perfume but now I don't even do that. Sometimes I get my hair done which is a bit expensive but it is a rare thing.


  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE extensions.

    Happy Halloween

  22. Wow those look AMAZING!! The before and after pictures I've seen looked nowhere as good as yours!



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