18 Oct 2011

Life updated

I know I have been blog-absent lately but it has been a very busy past couple of days! I flew up to Townsville to babysit my niece and nephew over the weekend so my brother and his wife could have a mini holiday AND see the rocking Chris Cornell concert (epic jealousy but I just bought our Big Day Out tickets for 2012 and Soundgarden are headlining!!! whooottt!!! So that makes up for it! ;).

 The video on the left shows my excellent babysitting skills- fart machine distraction ohhhh yeah!
Here are a few happy snaps from the weekend:

This is Maddy and Jackson; my adorable and trouble making niece and nephew! They are balls of mischief and we always have an awesome time hanging out together. Although it is definitely anything but a relaxing break, I always come back wanting a day off afterwards!

I love having a bit of girl time with Maddy. She is super creative and loves to experiment with fashions. We always get into lots of craft projects and plenty of costumes and dressing up. On my last night there we went out to dinner and she picked the most glamorous gold sequin dress with matching accessories to wear! Too cute! :)

I ordered my first package from Forever 21 and am waiting with bated breath for it arrive. Here is a few of the goodies I ordered:

I love the rad all over sequin dress and black ruffle dress. I've been dying to rock out in an all over sequin number and the ruffles will look fantastic for racing season here! The sheer skirt I picked up in the 'buy-one-get-one-free' clearance sale- so it came to something like $7! Sweeeettt! The cute little mauve number will transition well from night to day with different accessories and I'm super excited to get it!

On another fashion note, Domino Dollhouse have announced their new collection Dotty Noir. From the sneak peak I've seen on the website and NikStar's blog, it looks like a really young funky twist on classic 1950's pieces. I can't wait to get my hands on some! :)


  1. Wow! Nice children :) They look funny in the video!
    I really like the pink dress <3


  2. Such pretty kids!

    The third dress is amazing!!

  3. Your niece and nephew are adorable ;) I wish kids stayed little.. I miss my nephew being that small..

    Great picks from F21. I was eyeballing that sequence dress but knew it would probably just hang in my closet. My legs are too big to rock something that short! I've never heard of Domino Dollhouse but I just checked it out and they have some really cute stuff!

  4. Those kiddos are just precious! I love the collection and can't wait until it is available. I want that purple dotted dress! Thanks for sharing! Kiah

  5. your niece and nephew are totally adorable! that video made me giggle hehe! love the dresses you picked out soooo hot! specially the 1st and fourth! hot! and yeah domino dollhouse are so great! but shipping just kills me out here in vienna! :(


  6. what a great aunt you are ;-) the kids look so cute!

  7. First of all, you deserve best sister/aunt status ever. You FLEW somewhere to watch children. God Bless You.

    Secondly, I adore the rose colored dress with the ruffle/flower embellishment on the shoulder. it's wonderful.

  8. I still haven't been brave enough to order clothing online. My body is shape is so weird post baby #2, I don't even know what to look for anymore! Any tips on online shopping?

  9. Your niece and nephew are so cute! Looks like some great finds from Forever 21, LOVE that see-through skirt!


  10. Your post totally makes me miss my nieces and nephews :( yours are adorbz!

    Btw. Thank you for the post mention!! :)

  11. Love the outfits you have ordered - Particularly the bottom right with the long sheer skirt :0)

  12. Such cute photos!!!!
    Love your new clothes!!! Fabulous!!!!!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!!!
    Come back & visit again soon!!!! :-)

  13. What a couple of cuties!! I am pretty excited about the new domino dollhouse collection too - I see they have their cupcakes dress on sale this week....tempted....

  14. i'm absolutely loving that skirt!
    you've got great taste!

    p.s. thanks for the sweet comment on my
    blog (:

  15. I have that sequence number as well!!! I'll be wearing it this Friday night I can't wait to see how u style yours!!!! I am totally addicted to Forever21!! Now following your blog I hope u follow back as well!!


  16. The kiddies are adorable and I'm dying to order from Domino Dollhouse! x

  17. Aw!! The kiddies are super cute and I loved your instagram pics! Can't wait to see what you got from Forever 21 and Domino Dollhouse is about to make me max out my credit cards!

  18. I am also dying for the new dollhouse collection to come out! I LOVE her stuff and I can't wait to pretty much order every single piece from it haha.

    Keep being your fabulous self.

    - Marisa <3


  19. Eee! I want to make a purchase from forever21, I just can't justify the shipping!

  20. Oh my. LOVE the LBD w/ sparkles. Let me know how it goes. It looks divine. And I've got some great shots from the DD new collection. Naughty secretary meets pin up girl, imo. LOVE.

  21. Maddy and Jackson are naughty kids. Thanks for sharing such pretty kids photos here.


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