6 Oct 2011

Holiday update

(For those just tuning in, Ben and I are planning our trip of a lifetime at the end of this year- for which, we have given up house and home, put all our stuff in storage and are couch surfing until we leave! A stop in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, a Contiki tour of Europe, a week in Paris at Christmas, a Contiki tour of Amsterdam at NYE, a week with no plans (yet), then another Contiki tour of Egypt before heading home! Ekkkk!! Hints, tips and suggestions greatly appreciated! :-)

Just a little update on our holiday plans! We officially just booked the last week of our trip with the Egypt Contiki tour and our flights home! Whoott!!! I actually think I may be getting more excited about the Egypt leg rather than the Europe visit. There is something so mind blowing about the idea of actually looking up at the Sphinx and marvelling at the pyramids. So anyway, Egypt required a travel visa- which required those horrible no smile face photos. I swear I have never seen anyone look any good in those pictures. In fact, I almost look like a serial killer. Check out our visa photos:

Oh my goodness, look at those. I swear If I look close enough I can picture us holding those little black boards with all the numbers on them- classic mug shots! I almost don't recognise myself without a big toothy smile taking up 3/4 of my face! ;)

To other exciting holiday news (well for me anyway lol), I also purchased my first thermals! I think I am seriously underestimating how cold it will be over there. I have all these beautiful visions in my head of us in Paris at Christmas time with me still in dresses and thongs! Anyway, I was so happy with these two thermals I picked up:

The pink set under my dress is from Anaconda (and snapped up in a half price sale!) and the rocking rainbow set is from Mountain Designs. Don't worry- Ben's sets are black ;)

Do you guys have anything rad planned for the future??


  1. how exciting! i hope you have tons of fun!

  2. Planned for the future=SURVIVE...Thats pretty rad to me! LMAO!

    And you are so damn adorable

  3. Tee hee - your visa pics make me giggle. In our passports we both look like total criminals! Its scary.

    I am actually going to KL as well in Jan! My trip isn't quite as epic as yours, but I will be going to Phuket (cousins wedding), KL, Singapore, HK. I am so jealous you are going to Egypt!

  4. My partner and I are going to Europe in Feb (also freezing) and we're doing a week in snow-y/blizzard-y london followed by a 2wk organised europe tour (amsterdam/austria/venice/rome/florence/Switzerland/paris) then home ...

    i'm about to start shopping for all the winter wear though its been suggested the i get the basics here and then something awesome when we get there ...

    all the other advice i've read says layers ... cause everywhere inside is warm so you need to be able to take things off!

  5. Have a super fun time!!
    Great tops. x

  6. We were in France in may last year and I was picturing springtime - we spent the whole time in all our clothes layered + scarves and gloves. I was in shock but so gratfeul hubby made us pack warm clothes (although i thought they were for the alps and not paris!)

    you are going to have an amazing time!!!

  7. OMG!!!! WE SHOULD SPEND NYE TOGETHER!!!!! {yeah, those exclamation points were entirely necassary}

    We'll be in Italy {OR surrounds, like say Amsterdam!} with Sam & Lisa from Renovating Italy and their kids. I'll email you. Sometime. Remind me. K?

  8. Thanks for all the fab advice ladies!

    @Trees we were in Thailand in January this year- loved it!! :)

    @Alisa OMG hi! I totally didn't know that was you! :) And rad advice- I've heard the same thing about buying some basics here and then the good stuff when we get there! :)

    @Deb Iiii know! I'm definitely going to scarf and glove up, I'm currently trying to find a cute pair!! ;)

    @Suger lol I think you know how I feel about the excessive use of exclamation marks!!!!!!! :) You guys should totally come do NYE in Amsterdam- will be messy!!! :)

  9. Sounds like such an amazing trip!!!

  10. have a great tijme on your trip!!! :D you have a great smile!! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xox

  11. omg your trip sounds exciting! That's a whole lotta awesome places you'll be visiting!!!! Envious!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  12. Oh, it sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy yourself!

    (And the pictures do totally look like mug shots. Hilarious!!)

  13. lahvinggg the stripes.



  14. OMG! That sounds sooo amazing!! you are so lucky! Travelling is my passion! <3<3

  15. LOL! You look like a serial killer who just realized you left the oven on.
    I LOVE IT.

  16. That trip sounds amazing! I lived for about six months last year in London while I was doing research and it was such an amazing time.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  17. whoah! amazing trip!! I'd so love to do that, I love traveling so much! you guys are gonna have such a good time. maybe you can stop by in vienna for a viennese melange :) Have fun getting to know all of those different cultures! im expecting alot of pictures!


  18. Wow, have a great time! I am LOLing at the "serial killer" comment =)


  19. No plans for the future. Those thermals are adorable and lucky you, for being able to travel across the globe!! My holiday plans are to stay here in Delaware and get snowed in... Fun, I know... When I think of Paris, I always think of sex and the city and how gorgeous Carrie looked walking across Paris... I still can't believe Carrie walked across France in Louboutins heels without having to stop and rest her feet... The magic of TV!! Have fun!!


  20. Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

  21. Egypt??Jealous, soooo jealous!
    love the floral top, looks great on you. try a denim jacket insted of the pink top to match :)


  22. Thanks everyone! We are super excited! :)

    @CourtneyErin that sounds so awesome, I'd love to do that!

    @A_Riot OMG catching up with you would be fabulous! I even looked up a viennese melange lol ;)

    @Literal Gemini lol yes I will totally be having Carrie moments, but IN FLATS!!! ;)

    @Girlfriends hi there! Thanks for the tips! The pink is my thermals lol, so there will definitely be jackets over the top! :)

  23. How lucky are you to have a trip like that in the works?! Awesome! Travel is one of the most exciting things in life. I wish more people had the opportunity to travel because it is so enlightening.

  24. "If you look like the picture on your passport, you're not well enough to travel." - cantrememberwhoorwhere

    @Liss: your comments always bring me s smile, thanks!


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