24 Oct 2011

OOTD: 600 Sounds

I love live music and Summer time in Queensland rocks out with an awesome collection of music festivals. On Friday night, Ben and I scored some tickets to the 600 Sounds; the night concert of the Gold Coast 600.

The line-up was awesome and we rocked the front of the mosh pit, to some of my favourite bands: Bliss N Eso, The Potbelleez, Bag Raiders and Drapht. Best of all, all the artists were Aussie, and nothing is more awesome than beers and local talent!

The Potbellez went off! They were by far our favourites of the night! :)

Bag Raiders blew us out of the water! It was so awesome hearing them live- their energy and enthusiasm gave the whole crowd such a rad vibe. If you haven't heard these guys yet, go check them out!

Ben looking cute in his music tee. And the mosh pit squish!!

Top: Crossroads, Jeggings: Crossroads, Bag: Equip

 I wore an outfit entirely from Crossroads. The top was super comfy and mega cute- although I did lose two buttons in the mosh :( 

The pants I am super proud of. Jeggings were something I swore I would never wear, but I was never one much for rules anyway ;) Feeling more like skinny jeans, the pants are a thicker than normal jeggings but not as thick as jeans and I felt very rock and roll while listening to some of my favourite bands!

Have you guys ever worn something you swore you wouldn't??


  1. Ohh I love the bag raiders!!

    Yep I once swore I would never wear these old style stockings.. haha turns out I wear them at least one a week!

  2. Looks like such an awesome time!!

  3. you look great, looks like you had lots of fun! ;-)

  4. Love the top, and yes I've worn things I swore off, that's all about evolving you have to step outside of you box as far as fashion goes.

  5. You look amazing!!! and looks like you had LOADS of fun!

  6. You look amazing in pink, I think I've told you this before, love the simple outfit, my kind of style.

  7. Looks like a great time, and I love how your outfit matches your blog color/background! You can tell that hot pink is definitely your color!

  8. how cute u look looks like u and ben had a blast!!! love it <3 totally rocked it

  9. awww u look soo cute and that u had a lot of fun! U got a great smile girl!


  10. This looks amazing and you are super cute - we seriously need to move to Australia for the music festivals!! You guys have so many!

  11. This shade of pink looks so pretty on you! Theres nothing better than an Aussie music festival!!

  12. you look adorable! it seems as though you had a great time. love your blog!

    xx sarah

  13. Hot pink and black...awesome color combo!! Your smile is infectious!! Love all the pics:)

    Enter my Shabby Apple FAB Frock Giveaway!!

  14. OMG! I love you! This is so cute! I love your outfit and concert OOTD pics! CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS!?! :) :)

  15. Looks like you had a great time! Love your outfit girl! That top is sick! Kiah

  16. you look cute. love the top. that looks like alotta fun. i love seeing live shows :)


  17. Looks like you had a blast. And I've definitely worn things I swore I wouldn't! E.G., skinny jeans, UGGS, drop-crotch pants.

  18. Cute top.Looks like you had a great time!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.I like your blog so I follow you!

    Hope you can visit me soon and maybe follow :)


  19. I did it so many times ! It seems you had so much fun and you looked cute =) Kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  20. Great photos!!!
    Looks like fun!!! :-)

  21. I just saw that you started following me and I had to check out your blog, thanks so much for following me, I love new followers!

    I love this outfit, the top is a great color and looks great on you. The jeggings do as well. I use to swear I'd never wear skinny jeans but it is pretty much the only type of pant I wear now a days. I have yet to buy any jeggings yet, I haven't found a pair I like.

    I love going to concerts, looks like you had a fabulous time!


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