13 Jul 2013

FFFWeek: Curves for a Cure

The second night of FFFWeek, we attended the Curves for Cure runway and silent auction to benefit breast cancer awareness. And of course, being the pink lover like I am, there were lots of pretties that I wanted to get my hands on!

With Toy Monique and Sarah on the red carpet

I love these silly photos with Sarah from SWAK and Rosie Mercardo. Such gorgeous women and time spent with them is always so full of laughter!

I gushed all over Arlinda from Sofistafunk The Skirt Co. She's here with Madeline Jones, editor in chief for Plus Model Magazine, who is wearing one of Sofistafunk's AHHHMMAAZZIINNGG skirts that she modeled on the runway. They describe their collection of skirts to be 'like the Opera, bold and often theatrical'.LOVE!!! 

I LOVED Jen's hardcore clutch- soooo cool!

Ben was such a honey all week. I love him to bits for how understanding he is at FFFWeek. His calm is exactly what I need when I run around like a chicken-with-my-head-cut-off all week. That and he is also a total babe, look at that handsome face! <3

My Fashion Front babes, Gaelle, Karen and Jen

After a period of chatter, gossiping and schmoozing the runway started and we settled in for the show! The music was pumping, the models were GORGEOUS well known faces and the clothes were divine- and even better, all very different styles! Although the starting bids were mostly out of my price range, I definitely soaked up as much as I could.

Although I wanted to get into the spirit of the night, I also didn't want to over-pink myself. Something I am horribly capable of doing. I went a little bit rocky, a little bit punk and wore this outfit of pink and coral!

Dress: City Chic
Necklace: Ashley Stewart
Clutch: Target

This City Chic dress is my current HOTTEST DRESS EVER. Its one of the only body-con dresses that I feel 100% comfortable in. There is no body issues at all with this dress, the cut and material are a match made in fashion heaven! 


  1. That dress is beautiful on you - I love the print! :) And the event looks like so much fun :)

  2. You are a Beautiful woman in the inside and outside.

  3. Love that dress heaps, and thanks for sharing FFFweek, have really enjoyed seeing everyones photos :)

  4. Love all the dress and you are beautifull with yours.
    So much fun in this post!



  5. What gorgeous outfits on the runway remind me to borrow that dress you are wearing too, it is effing AWESOME!!!

  6. you look smashing! That dress is gorge on you, and your hair is so pretty. Ben is such a sport-- he's a keeper!

  7. How fun does this look?! And you, as always look beautiful. That dress is gorgeous on you :)

  8. I wish I would have been there with all of you.
    Wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. I love seeing parts from your trip to the states, loved following the adventures you girls had on instagram! this event looked so much fun, and you looked awesome, such a babe!


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