11 Jul 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Green shirt

So, I want to start off by saying I'm totally bummed that the shirt looks so blue in these photos. I swear in real life it's quite bright green. In fact, one of the reasons I bought it is because it's such an awesome green. So, colour aside, the shirt is actually Ben's- a bargain buy from our holiday. 80% of Ben's wardrobe was bought while we were on holidays. Clothes are so crazy expensive in Australia, it's almost worth the plane fare just for the shopping!

Top: Van Heusen (Ben's shirt)
Under skirt: City Chic
Over skirt: Forever 21+ 
Clutch: ASOS via Vintage Cartel
Moustache chain: ASOS
Eagle necklace: Colette 

I've been looking for a skirt to wear underneath this sheer Forever 21+ maxi. It was a total fluke that I paired it with this City Chic tulip skirt and I'm loving it! It's such a feminine shape and looks fab with the floaty top layer. It's also amazingly comfy and easy to wear, even with the double layers.

I'm obsessed with necklace layering at the moment. I go through phases with jewellery, currently, it's definitely a necklace phase! I was so excited about this long moustache chain that I accidentally bought it twice!

This post has made me realise that I rarely own any green. Or orange. Ben has the best collection of rad coloured shirts. It's funny, but I always feel most girly when I'm borrowing his clothes.

Check out all the green shirted FF babes!

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Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. I love the way you styled your whole outfit, its so cute, too bad the true color of the shirt didn't come out in the photos. Oh and the long necklace with the mustaches is so cute!


  2. Love, Love, Love this outfit. The colours are what really does it for me, even if it does look blue (which I still love).

  3. I often times mix up Mint Green with Aqua Blue. As usual, your looks are charming. I love your necklace as well as the green shirt. The skirt is also very nice as well as the flats. The yellow handbag is a nice diversion from the green color.


  4. haha, you look rad in men's shirts! Great outfit.

  5. Really like the layering - with the necklaces and skirts! :)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I love that chain!!! Going to go check it out now! Xx

  7. tres joli ensemble vraiment,j aime beaucoups ;o)


  8. Beautiful outfit. You look gorgeous. <3

    Love, Mel xoxo

  9. Loving this look and the accessories. That skirt is so cute and I'm loving the color of the shirt. You put this look together very well, loving it!

  10. That skirt is absolutely the bee's pajamas. The whole look is amazing!

  11. OMG I love this skirt!

    Have a nice weekend
    ♥ Bine

  12. Fab outfit on you. The colour of that shirt is so pretty on you. Gorgeous!


  13. Anytime I am shopping and see something with the mustache print or mustache themed I think of you. I own this forever 21 skirt too and haven't worn it yet, I love the way you wore it, you have the best sense of style. I love to double layer necklaces too.


  14. Really love this. So casual and cool.

  15. The color suits you so well! And I can relate - clothes in Australia are crazy expensive! I came from a country where I can buy a dress for $10! I think it's because it's where production is for most US companies so we do have a TON of overruns. :)



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