28 Jul 2013

Aussie Curves: Homemade

I'm only just starting to experiment with my own DIY skills. I love hearing about people who buy a dress and cut it down to a skirt or turn an old jacket into a handbag (and if you are looking for an AWESOME DIY blogger, check out Trees here). The extent of my current DIY portfolio is sewing a button on or patching a hole. So, when Suger offered to make me something, I was pretty stoked about it. I guess it also means I've technically cheated, but hey, its pretty cool to be able to say there is only one other like it! (Check out Melissa's matching top here!)

Top: DIY'd by Melissa from Suger Coat It
Blazer: City Chic
Tights: Lilly and Lou
Clutch: Ruby and Kit
Boots: Unsure, picked up at a clothes swap!

And how totally rad did the iron on transfer look! I'm glad it turned out so rad as well, Suger's iron-burnt fingers need to know they are numb for a reason!

I've been dying for it to be cold enough for boots and the nights are definitely boot worthy at the moment. Winter fashion is so much fun. You can add boots and a blazer to anything to take it to the next level. I'm such a layer whore, it almost makes me want to move somewhere less tropical.

This clutch is on high rotation at the moment.I'm trying to consolidate by handbag usage down to this one only. I got myself into a sticky situation when I couldn't find my private health card last week. Because I switch and change my handbags so often, I often remove my eftpos and ID card and just leave everything else in there ( an awful habit I know, I keep buying chapsticks because I lose them in changeovers!). So my health cards were in the wrong clutch- epic inconvenience!

I added in this last photo that Ben took before I was ready. This outfit is so comfy. I'm basically wearing my PJ's out on the town!

Do you DIY???


  1. OH I want a shirt like that!!!! =D Totally cool!!! But more importantly...WHERE did you get those boots?? I love high boots, but my calves are always too big for all the boots I try..and those are exactly the kind I want to get =D

    The Austrian Rose

  2. That shirt is so rad! I've actually got a little pile of magazine clippings of things I want to make and one of them is shirts with clever phrases, much like the one you're sporting. I absolutely adore handmade stuff! I craft all the time.

    I feel your pain with switching bags. I have 3 that I throw on my floor and change all the time. I forgot my debit card a few days ago & only noticed when I was checking out at the store. Oops!

  3. That tee shirt RULES! I love the glasses in the design and you looked so dressed up whilst wearing a super comfy outfit - win! Thanks for the shout out too - aww.... You are too sweet :)

  4. I can't even sew a button so you're ahead of me! :) Fun tee! :)

    And I get around the changing bag issue buy having everything inside my bag in little ouches - I just swap those over and I'm good to go! For the really tiny clutches though I take things out of my wallet and have been stuck without any cash or my eftopos card after leaving them in a tiny clutch and taking my empty wallet, ooops!

  5. that is the coolest t shirt ever! yay for Suger!

  6. Aw … this outfit is so beautiful. Love the boots and especially the shirt. Fabulous. :) xoxo

  7. Oh the tshirt is super cute and I love winter especially for layering. The boots and the blazer really takes the outfit to another level and I understand about the changing bags, I do that too! I'm trying to use only one bag right now too! hehe :)


  8. ooooo- Love this whole look. The jacket is fab but I esp like the tee!


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