25 Jul 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Mary Jane shoes

So I'm not going to lie. My favourite pair of Mary Jane shoes are my Crocs. I've never hidden my obsession with Crocs and I seriously cannot rave about them enough. When I'm not blogging, my 'real-world' job is nursing. That means twelve hour shifts on your feet, standing during procedures, rocking a baby to sleep and running around the wards. Couple that with a size 22 body and that's a whooooole lot of pressure on two little tootsies. They have literally saved my aching feet from worlds of pain. And then, once they got a little less ugly (expanding the range away from the original clog like shape was a master move for Crocs!), I was quick to adapt them into my everyday wardrobe as well!

Blazer and skirt: Torrid
Peplum: City Chic
Tights: We Love Colors
Clutch: Bijoux Terner
Mary Janes: Crocs
Ring: Thrifted

I really like the shape of a mary jane shoe. The little extra strap always reminds me of wearing shoes when I was little. I swear the only type of shoes I had were jiffies or MJ style flats!

Obviously I know they still aren't the best looking shoe around, but when I'm the last left standing on the dancefloor at 3am, I'm extremely happy I'm not sitting in the corner with you and your mega heels! And of course I have to endure lots of giggling from my girlfriends when they post e-cards like this on my Facebook wall! ;)

How totally rad is this Torrid blazer! I'm loving it to bits! I couldn't resist adding the red and anchor for a dressed up nautical vibe. The ring was the coolest find at a vintage fair. It was in a $1 box and fit perfectly on to my middle and forth finger- it was meant to be!

And seriously, admit it, those shoes are still cute! Comfy and cute- the perfect shoe! :-D

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  1. I think your Crocs look cute. As someone with Achilles heels trouble I say wear whatever does the job! x x

    Just me Leah

  2. I used to own two pairs the same as yours, in brown and black! They are so comfy! I love your ring, goes well with the whole nautical themed outfit. I'll have to check out the other ladies posts as I love mary jane shoes. :)

  3. I admit, I was a person who said crocs were ugly, but I gotta say you rocked those crocks and it looks cute with your outfit. And I know crocs have gotten a lot better with there design and they actually have some cute looking shoes and I bet they are really comfy. You look fabulous in your outfit and your crocs! :)


  4. I remember when I teaching in Taiwan one of my friends had the most adorable and comfy looking ballet flats, I asked her where she had gotten them and she whispered to me "I'm a bit embarrassed to say they are actually crocs" ;) Your crocs are a far cry from the first ugly clog style clogs I saw! I love this outfit, you look very nautical which is my fav style. Love the ring. Also thanks for your lovely comments about the earthquake, we are all ok but it was a real shock to the system. I just hope the big nasty earthquakes are done with my little city for now!

  5. Love your polka dot blazer! I'm not a fan of crocs, but my bestie who is a nurse wears them too! :)

  6. Love this outfit! I actually have that blazer and was considering wearing it to work today with some red pants..lol I love it to bits too!
    I don't own any crocs but my best friend is a huge fan of them! I usually find her the pins that you can add to them as little gifts from time to time. Her favorite pair are the ones with Mickey Mouse as the little holes. Disneyland is her favorite place!
    Really loving this look and the mix of patterns and colors.

  7. Love this outfit. That jacket is fab and the pop of red looks so pretty.


    @every1sparkles (twitter)

  8. Work those crocs, I have a pair of croc flip flops that I seriously live in, they are the best and the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. You look gorgeous (as per usual), I love pairing black and white with red and I adore peplum tops. I just bought my first peplum top a little bit ago and it makes me feel like a million and one bucks. I love this blazer as well, polka dot makes my world gooo round.


  9. I.... am not a fan of the crocs. Although they sound perfect for long work days. But I AM fan of that blazer, and that ring! So very cool

  10. Can't say I'm a fan of Croc's either, but black maryjanes, they've come a long way since highlighter green clogs! I love the someEcards! lol
    Cute outfit, you look great, even with the crocs ;)

  11. I LOVE my Crocs!!! Working in aged care, like you, I need comfy shoes and my Crocs are THE most comfortable shoe I have EVER worn! The plus side is that they don't really look like "Crocs" and people are always surprised when I tell them what they are when I'm asked.

    I'm all about comfort, so I say, sod what anyone else thinks! ;)


  12. I really love my crocs. I have two pairs, one for summer and lined one as house shoes for winter. They are just comfortable.

    You're looking so fab. Love it! And when someone looks a bit strange … they have hurting feets in their heels, not you. ;) Sometimes comfort is all. :D


  13. Your husband / BF is a lucky man. Glad to read you have your soul mate. BTW you totally rock in your black tights


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