12 Sept 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Short Sleeve Cardi

I am so excited to finally get my wardrobe all out of storage. I'm in the middle of building my dream wardrobe in our new house, so this weeks Fatshion Faceoff short sleeve is a rolled up long sleeve! ;)

Cardi: Lily and Lou
Top: Supre
Skirt: Crossroads
Belt: ASOS Curve
Clutch: Vintage thrifted

I wore this outfit out for a lazy dinner with Ben on the weekend. The skirt is so comfy and I think it looks awesome with a structured tank tucked in. This is one of my favourite relaxed shirts, the sheer sexy without being skanky and the white contrast colour dresses up any outfit.

The cardi is my high rotation Lily and Lou black jacket. It's super soft, ├╝ber wearable and goes with everything!

And of course that belt- total love!! I truly believe that ASOS Curve have the best plus-size belts on the market.

This purse was a $5 bargain. I love glomesh. I can't resist it, whenever I see some funky glomesh purses in Op-shops I always snap them up!

Alrighty! As always, can't wait to see all the Fatshion Faceoff girls in their short sleeve jackets!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

How do you wear a short sleeve cardi???


  1. The skirt looks lovely on you :) and the gold belt is so adorable :) xx

  2. Thank you for commenting in my "StyleSpace" blog. I have recently followed "WaitUntilTheSunset" and am pleased to be here. You're Olivia? I'm John. Nice to meet you.

    This outfit here is a very nice one. It is quite comfortable while also being charming. I like it. Well done, Olivia!


  3. I love everything about this outfit! The paneled blouse the cute belt and the animal print skirt! Work it honey! I also LOVE the blog header!

  4. Oooh I love your skirt. You look great :)


  5. You are adorable darling! Keep being your fabulous self. <3

    - Marisa


  6. I love the little bit of sheer, you look lovely.


  7. You look charming, I can't get over your smile, never :).

  8. I know this post is about the cardi, but the skirt and belt are awesome! That is such a cute belt :)

  9. That skirt looks sooo comfy! And I loove love love the print on it as well! Have a great weekend chica!!

  10. Loving the tank!! It's sheer fantastic-ness!! And you are right about the belts. I want every one they have!!

  11. This is a great look, and I'm SO JEALOUS of the top. It's totally sexy! xx


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