14 May 2012

Dorothy Perkins Love

I am more than a little in love with Dorothy Perkins. While we were travelling in the UK I was super excited to be able to get into a DP store and try some of their pieces on- even more exciting, they had a sale so I came home with a few dresses too!!! :-D

I've been doing some serious window shopping at their on-line shop lately and mega lusting after Mamma Moon's epic Dorothy Perkins Wardrobe!). So, when a VIP 25% off code became available, I jumped on it straight away!!! Now, the issue is-how do I narrow down my wish list?!? Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment:

I adore the structured cut of their dresses and skirts. They sit so gorgeously on curves and flatter every body shape! They almost make me want to get a secretary job so I can wear them everyday! ;)

I can't get enough of their cute blouses and embellished tops. Plus, I'm still shoe hunting for FFFWeek and think some of these beauties will be comfy and fabulous!

To get 25% off your full order at Dorothy Perkins enter the code DPVIPE at checkout!!! 
(code until 20/05/12)

And tell me what some of your favourite items are!!?!?!


  1. I love DPVIP week I could have made my entire lust list out of just them this month, gorgeous selections from you. xx

  2. Mine is http://tinyurl.com/87k6a5u even tho it's out of stock :( I have a definite soft spot of the structured contrast jackets! I have CC "Miss Graduate" jacket and wear it to death.

    I also want a few pairs of shoes but they're not in my size :( Bah!!


    1. Ooohhh pretty!!!! I love the CC jackets too! I have a few :)

  3. I vote blue skirt, polkadot tee and of course you have to get those fun wedges! :) All of the items you picked look awesome though!

  4. love that skirt

  5. hihi preaching to the converted! \^^/
    can`t remember what life was like before dotty. xD
    (didn`t buy anything for years..now i`m taking it all back
    ..with a vengeance XD)
    checked my wishlist too and seems just dotty is about
    100items that i absolutely MUST HAVE. XD why can`t i be a millionaire. XD
    love all the stuff you picked! they have the most gorgeous stuff ne!
    and they just keep on coming. xD everytime i think i`ve ordered
    all i really really wanted..something else pops up and i cry a little.XD
    anyhoops, can`t wait to see the stuff you get! ^^/ MMxoxo

  6. Ooh i love them all! Dorothy Perkins is my fave shop, and I can't stop buying their dresses.

    I'll let you all in on an extra tip- add DPBDAY at the checkout and you'll get 15% off dresses! It also works WITH the promotion on right now! It's a code they send out on birthdays, but seems to have an unlimited use!!

  7. Oh wow, I've never visited their website before but jeez, how could I not after seeing all these amazing pieces?! That 'Jade Peplum' skirt is absolutely DIVINE!

  8. Gah, I love Dorothy Perkins! I have about 12902109 reasons why I want to travel to the UK but one of those (many) reasons is I'd love to go shopping at places like Dorothy Perkins. Everything you picked is gorgeous, I think my favorites would be the blue skirt or the black dotted dress. I wish I had any money so I could use this code for Dorothy Perkins.


  9. I. Want. Everything! I was ogling some peplum dresses earlier! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I find it hit and miss, but you found some great stuff in there- LOVE the coral shoes!


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