25 May 2012

Birthday wrap-up

My birthday month is coming to end (but I'm looking forward to our USA Adventure in 2 weeks!), thank-you sooooo much for all your lovely birthday wishes, I feel extremely loved! These are a few of my favourite birthday Instagrams!

We had a really fabulous few weeks of celebrations. I got extremely spoil (most notably with my new Kate Hill pink cases I had been lusting after!), had a mini birthday-party at work as I was on a night-shift the day before my actually bday, we had a five course birthday dinner with matching wines at Swill Bar, hit up the Greek Festival and almost ate my weight in haloumi cheese, had drinks and nibbles at my favourite bar Cloudland and tore up The Valley on a huge night out! Phew!

I didn't actually get many photos at all on the actual night out- I think the tequila started flowing too early! ;)
I wore out a gorgeous (and booby!) City Chic Grecian style dress which I need to wear again for proper OOTD piccys!

And as another awesome birthday surprise, one of my photos was featured in Plus Model Magazine Plus Fashion Instagrams! Yayyyyy!!!!

What have you been up to this month??? 


  1. You always look like you have so much fun! Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is on the 11th and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do! '_' lol

  2. Happy Birthday once again, it sounds like it was fabulous with purple dresses, new luggage, and cheese! Cheese makes everything better :) Purple is such a great color on you. You look stunning in all the pictures.


  3. Happy Birthday :), all over again!!!
    2 weeks in US, that sounds amazing, just perfect!

  4. I can't believe I missed wishing you happy birthday sweet thing.
    You look like yu had the most wonderful time and you looked fab whilst at it. X

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful! I love all of the photos! My birthday is coming up in July. And looking at all of these great photos makes me excited.

  6. Nice photos! I really enjoyed browsing!

    xx lovefashion - clozette.com

  7. Yah!! Happy Birthday pretty lady - looks like a blast!

  8. Love that purple dress you wore on your night out! Looks like you had a fantastic birthday :)


  9. Great photos!Happy birthday!!


  10. I totally LOVED seeing your celebration photos in IG, Olivia! Happy birthmonth again!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  11. Happy belated birthday! :)
    Looks like you had a great time!
    It was my birthday too this months, May children are the best! ;)

  12. Am now regretting not buying that tunic :(

    Didn't get it coz it was lovely on the super skinny model they had and I was like well it can't look good on me, and stores didn't have xs or s so nevr got it :( regrettttt ssiiinnkkinngg iiinn!!!!!!

    But wowsersss. HAPPY BDAYYY omg omg boobs. lol I have that issue with the ocean goddess tunic too :( oh well, I wear my boob-lift bra I call it and bam im awesome and set to go.

    xxxx keep up the awesome bloggity blog work

  13. i like what i see here i´ll be back soon!

  14. Happy Birthday to a fabulous lady!! your birthday week seems like a friggin blast, but then again so does everything with you, can I be your bestfriend? haha I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! you look amazing in that green tunika! love the instagram photos your cake looked yummy and awesome :)



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