7 May 2012

OOTD: May is mischief month

I can never wait for May to begin. It's well and truly a party month- there are so many girlfriends with birthdays in May that work literally gives up on us with all our requested days off! On the weekend just gone, we celebrated Nicole's birthday by hitting up the town for some shenanigans!

Skirt: City Chic
Top: City Chic
Stockings: We Love Colors
Necklace: Colette

I'm a bit in love with this skirt- it's so easy to wear and looks good with everything- plus it is so easily dressed up. The rocking necklace I picked up in a mad 50% off sale at Colette, it's so luxe I can't get enough of it. And as for the shoes, I know, I know, major fashion faux pas. I had some killer Betts shoes on at dinner but it was the first wear and I just couldn't go the dancing distance in them. All I had in the car to change into was these- my work crocs! Shame!! ;-P

One weekend down, four to go! And it's my birthday this month too!
Do you have a party month??? 


  1. lovely outfit, i love how happy you always look ;-)

  2. It looks like such a fun night! You look great! I wish I was closer to Brisbane to party it up for your birthday! Can't say I really have a party month, never really been out dancing or to a club before :P

  3. I wish I had a party month, your month of May sounds bloody fantastic. Yay for all the Taurus ladies haha, I'm a Taurus lady myself. You look gorgeous as always, this is such a figure flattering outfit on you, everything fits you so perfectly. I can't wait to see all the rest of the Mischief Month pictures because it looks like you are having enough fun to... knock over a mule, I'm not good with analogies lol. Why mule? Probably too many viewings of 'Bachelor Party' with Tom Hanks.


  4. Amazing photos!Love your outfit!Looks like you had a great time!


  5. You look so cute! Love the skirt!

    Stay beautiful!*Smooches*


  6. Girl, you have a lot of fun, and I love seeing the photos to proof this :). Look at you, the cutest thing out there!

  7. I LOVE the second photo. It looks like you had an awesome night out. Long may the merriment continue! xoxo

  8. Love that skirt! You look great as always!

  9. wooooowwwwwwww i love the skirt on you! so hot! so so hot wit the black puffy shoulder top lovely :) love the photo of you jumping! you look like youre having a blast! yay for girlfriends with birthdays!


  10. Oh my goodness I absolutely adore your photos it makes me want to party with ya! LOL

    <3 Marina

  11. That second photo is just SO awesome! You're smoking hot in this outfit too!

  12. Love the photo of you mid dance! Looks like a fun night! :)

    Great outfit, it was good you had your crocs in the car as backup! Better crocs than bare feet I guess! Too easy for someone to spike you with a stiletto otherwise!

    1. Very true! But I always end up bare foot on the dancefloor anyway! ;)

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  14. love this outfit! and gosh i love your picciage! XD
    full of sunshine as always! ^^<3 sweet. MMxoxo

  15. look like you are having fun. I would have to say my party month is july

  16. GREAT photos! I love your necklace!


  17. lol i really hope we'll be able to party some time together. You always seem to have a blast ;-)xxx


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