24 May 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Floral Skirt

This weeks Fatshion Faceoff challenge item is a floral skirt! This post is actually great timing because I had just picked up this ASOS floral skirt early last week!

Skirt: ASOS Curve
Tank: City Chic
Slips: Rubi Shoes

Even though I do like the lantern shape, I think it might be a but poufy on my already ample hips. I adore the print and the little flecks of silver through the jacquard fabric- that's what sold it for me! It's such a summery outfit, I think this should definitively come to USA with us! :-D

These flats are so easy to wear. I love Rubi Shoes- they make awesome basic shoes for everyday wear, and are great prices! 

As a side note, to save money for FFFWeek I've been skipping my eyelash extension appointments. Siighhhhhhh I feel eyeball naked. 

Make sure you check out the other babes in their floral skirts too! 

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Molly from Molly Pocket
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

What do you think of the lantern shape??
Do you have any floral skirts??


  1. I love the skirt on you looks very pretty xx

  2. Such a cute outfit! You look great in it. The skirt is so cute, and I used to have a pair of flats just like them but from Primark.

  3. I love that outfit, you look so cute! I got that skirt and jacket, and do agree that it's really poofy! But I must say It looks great on you :) x

  4. You look absolutely lovely, Olivia. I love this ASOS skirt. I've been eyeing it, but I've had terrible luck ordering from there. D:


  5. Super cure and I love love love the silver flats!

  6. awww... sweet outfit and pretty :) sooo girly! :)

    Jewel Clicks

  7. Great outfit! And look at you, looking all Spring while I've already given in to winter woolies and leggings. :)

  8. Aww...your outfit is so summery! Not fair!! We're all rugged up here for winter now. Also - I will still be coming to see you this year as well as my other holiday, but not until later this year. I keep looking out for cheap flights, but so far they are all too soon :(

  9. Love the shape of the dress
    and love even more this smile you're always wearing!!


  10. Love this outfit, so summery and I love all the ruffles and different shapes x

  11. I have a lantern shape skirt and a dress, it's a really cool look.
    And I love the combination you made here, here and I love the skirt, so so cute.

  12. Love the floral print on that skirt! The top is so perfect with it, it looks like a dress!

  13. What a pretty spring outfit! I think the ruffle of the top balances out the lantern shape of the skirt. You have such a great smile! :D

  14. Cute look! I'm loving your skirt!


  15. I don't own a floral skirt...but after seeing you, I want one! Haha! It's so cute and girly!


  16. Looking gorgeous, girl! The colors are so bright and summery, but still pretty and ladylike. LOVE IT. :D


  17. i love every little piece about this look... especially i love your smile. ;)



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