25 Sept 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Skulls

I'm loving all the funky patterns and prints that are in fashion right now- it's so refreshing to see more than just florals or stripes. I've always thought I myself as a little rock/grunge chick at heart, so I've pretty much snapped up every piece of skull print clothes I can get my hands on. I knew exactly what top I was going to wear for this post- my fabulous Torrid sheer skull blouse. But I wanted to funk it up a bit so have (gasp!) worn it as a crop top! 

Top: Torrid
Skirt: City Chic
Necklace: BooHoo
Flats: Rubi
Clutch: Kmart

There is something so liberating about standing here with that little scrap of belly showing. I feel like that little peek is giving the finger to every fat-hating person in the world. Plus, it's super hot right now so it's nice to cool off a little too! 

If you would believe it, these Rubi flats cost me $10! What a shoe bargain! I love the little metallic pointed toe- you can even almost see me in the reflection! The bold pop of purple is also a total eye catcher! 

How amazing are skirts with pockets?! Argh! I love them!!!!

On a side note, my spray tan is now on its 7th day and starting to show everyday wear and tear on the colour. I've loved being a more golden colour and the spray was sooooo much better than the dodgy job I normally do with creams. I think I might be a spray tan convert! 

If you haven't already noticed, we are now doing the FF posts once a fortnight- I'm liking having a break between posting- and to give you guys a bit more variety as well! Check out all my babes in their skulls this week!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

How do you feel about skull patterns in fashion??


  1. Love the shoes and the skirt is amazing. I already drewled on that blouse before ;-) xxxx

  2. you look amazing s always... I am totally in love with that skirt!!!

  3. So cute! Love it!

  4. You always have amazing outfits, I love how you mix patterns and colors. I love the outfit, the skulls and the stripes look great together and I think it looks awesome as a crop top! :) Oh and the pop of color for the shoes are great too! :)


  5. Love the skulls and stripes combination - you did it well, ordinarily it would make me think pirate, haha. Definitely no pirate thoughts about this outfit :) The colourful shoes are a nice touch too.

  6. I'm kinda pretty much obsessed with this outfit. You knocked it out of the park, Liv!!!

  7. So want to try the skull print but still haven't found the right piece. Your outfit is amazingly rockin'! And I agree, the skirt is really pretty - fits you well and suits best with the top and gorge colored shoes! Just amazing!


  8. You look beautiful! You never fail to look amazing in whatever you wear xx

  9. Such a long time.
    I love your new make up and gorgeopus ensemble.
    Let´s keep in touch

  10. You are gorgeous - I love your style! I just found you at Style Sud-Est.

  11. Thats such a cute look! I love the mix of the patterns!

  12. So cute!

    Not a real fan of the skull thing in general, but you put it together really well.

    I'm loving your blog.

  13. Love the skulls! Channeling your inner Abby from NCIS? Lol

  14. Awesome monochrome ensemble with a pop of color from ur ruby shoes - toned down skull outfits does it for me: just like this one :)

  15. I adore a good skull print, rock out with your grunge side. Why don't all skirts come with pockets?! Serious talk here, I demand forever pockets :) You look lovely as always, Liv.



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