5 Jul 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Strapless item

Fatshion Faceoff this week has us all out in strapless! If you're a regular reader (hiiiiii I love  you!!) you've probaly noticed I wear a lot of strapless clothes!! I find it quite funny really because I was always told not to when I was growing up- 'it's not flattering on a plus-size body...'. Pffffff! I love my strapless tops!!

I love the polka dots on this top, they reminds me of circus clowns- so I stuck these funky moustache suspenders on to! I love them soooooo much! I am so looking forward to Movember this year- I've amassed a serious stash of staches! (lol see what I did there! ;)

Top: Forever 21+
Skirt: Torrid
Suspenders and Necklace: Claire's

This is our last day in the USA, I sure will miss this glorious sunny weather! I love rocking as little as possible in Summer! ;)

I'm sad to say that Molly has left our FF posts, at least for a little while for uni. I'm bummed to see her leave but can't wait to see what she's up to next! In the mean time, check out my other fabulous ladies and see their strapless tops tops too!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs

What do you think of the added suspenders?? 
Do you own suspenders? 


  1. I do not own suspenders but I freaking love the suspender / necklace combo! Enjoy your last day in the US, I have loved watching your photos pop up in my instagram feed over the last little while.

  2. You look so amazing and so incredibly happy!!

    I have actually been wondering lately if I could wear suspenders - perhaps with a high waisted skirt.

    I have also had the comment that big girls shouldn't wear sleeveless things - what a load of crap!!

  3. I don't own suspenders but girl you look super cute :)

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... cannot even express how much those suspenders rock my world!!!

  5. I think rules are meant for breaking- why shouldn't plus size girls wear strapless clothes?! You look great, and I'm in love with the suspenders :)

  6. i had fun reading this post! I laughed a lot...

  7. Love the mustache suspenders matching your necklace! :) Your printed top is so fun too :)


  8. This is amazingly cute outfit!!! I LOVE the top on you (I bought it too, but it looked horrific on me, and I returned it), and the suspenders are awesome!

    Have a safe trip back home :))) xx

  9. I love the strapless look on you!! You are so pretty and your smile always makes me smile! You look fab!

  10. Those suspenders are the cutest thing ever.

  11. You are awesome!! I absolutely love mustaches. <3
    This outfit has so much wit and fun to it! Your photos definitely made me smile.

    Keep on breaking your rules because you are looking fabulous doing so! :)

  12. ADOOOORABLE!!!!!!!!! ihihi the suspendies are so cute!
    you look so bubbly as always <3 love it <3
    can`t help but smile too. ^^<3 have a fantastic weekend! ^^/

  13. I love these colors, and your smile can really light my day! :-) Thank you so much for following!

  14. cute top but loooooove the suspenders!!xxx

  15. You look so cool and gorgeous, I want to hug you tight, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Oh. My God. Those suspenders! *brain explodes*

  17. What a fun and adorable summer outfit! It looks so pretty on you. I wish I could figure out how to wear strapless tops!


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