30 Jul 2012

OOTD: Exploring NYC

Whenever I'm travelling, I opt more for comfort than all out fabulousness; well clothes that are cute and comfy anyway! This OOTD was snapped the morning before FFFWeek started, Ben and I spent the day exploring NYC and ended up down at Pier 17 in front of the Statue of Liberty! 

Top: Thick Chic Boutique
Tank: Lily and Lou
Skirt: Torrid
Tights: Big W
Sneakers: Strawberry 
Bracelet: Strawberry

I couldn't resist getting a few pictures in the middles of this waterfall- it was great fun trying to beat the water!  I am totally in love with this black body-con skirt that I picked up in the Torrid sales. It's become a definite wardrobe staple!

The geometric top I bought while checking out some of the local plus size shops in LA; it's from a fab little shop Thick Chic Boutique. I wish I had some more dollars saved when we went, I would have bought the entire store!!

What do you wear when travelling?? 


  1. I go for simple, chic and comfortable pieces while travelling as well :)

    I love your outfit. Very cute and perfect for touring NYC considering all the walking. I love love your bracelet too

  2. I'm lusting after those spike bracelets!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo
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  3. Love your outfit, I really love the sneakers!

  4. You look cute! I usually go for maxi dresses or dresses and leggings when traveling. Shoes are always a problem though - I seem to destroy at least one pair of shoes on each trip I take:P

  5. You look beautiful, as always! And I am still loving that blouse! It's crazy fabulous!

  6. I do casual and comfy too. This is CUTE. Love that top and the sneakers!

  7. Love your bracelets! That has to be the most fun place to take outfit pictures ever - right in the middle of a fountain! :)

  8. When I travel I definitely go for comfort, and I HAVE a bodycon for that! :) aren't they super comfy? And I def love your spiked bracelets!

    ♥ laura
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    the shop of worldly delights

  9. The bracelets!!!!!!!!!!!! Want! I love these pics :) xx

  10. good posting about ootd exploring nyc


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